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Quiero hacer una reservación para # personas el (día) a las (hora), por favor.”“I’d choose to make a reservation for # civilization on (day) in ~ (time), please.”

Suppose you want to make a reservation for five people on Saturday at 6pm. You would say:

“Quiero hacer una reservación para cinco personas el sábado a las seis (de la tarde), por favor.”

They’ll asking you her name - ¿Cuál es su nombre? - and that should be it.Once you arrive to the restaurant, permit them know you’ve make a reservation:Tengo una reservación a nombre de… = I have actually a preventive under…If the restaurant is busy, they could cut you turn off after reservación. You might hear lock say, ¿A nombre de quien? - Under what name? call them, and also they’ll either take you to her table and also say Por aquí - this way. Or they may ask you to wait a couple of minutes. Un momento, por favor. - One moment, please.

How to Greet the Waiter

The an initial thing you usually execute at a restaurant, store, or a friend’s house is come greet people. So, when your waiter (el mesero) concerns the table, you deserve to greet him/her by saying:

Buenos días. = good morning.

Buenas tardes. = an excellent afternoon.

Buenas noches. = great evening.


How to Say “Can friend Repeat That?”

If friend can’t know what the waiter is asking or saying you can say:

¿Me lo puedes repetir? = would certainly you repeat that?

¿Lo puedes decir más lento? = have the right to you say the slower?

Common varieties of Drinks

In most restaurants in Mexico, the is common to order drinks prior to food. Typical bebidas = drink you can want come order are:

Agua = Water

Agua mineral = Sparkling water

Refresco = Soda

Limonada = Lemonade

Café = coffee

Té = Tea

Agua fresca = new fruit mixed with water and also sugar.

In this video, we go in-depth to show you just how to order drink in Spanish. Follow us to our favourite cafu00E9 in Queretaro, Mexico to see exactly how itu2019s done.","raw":false},"hSize":null,"floatDir":null,"html":"","url":"https://youtu.be/JgQu1-zxeXU","width":854,"height":480,"providerName":"YouTube","thumbnailUrl":"http://i.ytimg.com/vi/JgQu1-zxeXU/hqdefault.jpg","resolvedBy":"youtube"}" data-block-type="32" id="block-yui_3_17_2_1_1594915255517_28427">
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In this video, we go thorough to present you how to order drink in Spanish. Follow us to our favourite café in Queretaro, Mexico come see just how it’s done.

Ordering Drinks

When you are prepared to order your drink you can use the phrase Te encargo... This is a an extremely useful phrase for just about anything you might need. It’s common in Mexico, Guatemala, and also Costa Rica. There is no exact translation in English for this phrase, but you hear the a lot at restaurants and for part reason, it is never ever in any Spanish textbook. Below are some instances of just how you can use it:

Te encargo una limonada. = have the right to I gain a limonade? / would you acquire me a limonade?

Te encargo más servilletas. = would certainly you bring me more napkins?

Te encargo otra bebida. = would certainly you lug me one an ext drink?

Remember, if the waiter/waitress look at older 보다 you, usage Le rather of Te. You deserve to say:

Le encargo una limonada. = have the right to I obtain a limonade? / would certainly you gain me a limonade?

Le encargo más servilletas. = would certainly you carry me much more napkins?

Le encargo otra bebida. = would certainly you bring me one an ext drink?


If she ordering a nation that’s no Mexico or main America, you have the right to use ¿Me trae…? (formal) or ¿Me traes…? (informal) in the very same way.

Ordering for Someone Else

In the video, Jim ordered his very own drink and also then that ordered for me by saying:

Y un “Limoncito” para ella. = and also a “Limoncito” for her.

When you want to order because that someone rather you have the right to say what the other human wants adhered to by “para ella” (female) or “para él” (male). For example:

Te encargo un coffee shop y una cerveza para él. = can I obtain a coffee and also a beer because that him?

Ordering Food

Now because that the key meal. These room the many common cases you’ll encounter for ordering food in Spanish.

Are You prepared to Order?

When the waiter/waitress involves your table to take her order, they will certainly ask you:

¿Están listos? = are you ready?

¿Están listos para ordenar? = space you all set to order?

¿Les puedo tomar su orden? = may I take her order?

If you know what you want to order, then you can reply:

Sí, estamos listos. = Yes, we space ready.

Sí, por favor. = Yes, please.

But you are not prepared to bespeak food yet, you have the right to use any type of of this phrases:

Todavía no estamos listos. = We are not all set yet.

Necesitamos unos minutos más. = We require a few more minutes.

¿Nos puedes dar otro minuto? = have the right to you offers one more minute?


Placing her Order

In the Ordering drink section, we saw that “Te encargo…” is something you deserve to say come ask for anything. You might use this too for ordering food, but one more phrase friend can additionally use because that ordering at a restaurant is “Va a ser…” = it’s going come be… complied with by everything you want. For example:

Va a ser una hamburguesa para él y para mí la ensalada. = that is going to it is in a burger for him, and the salad for me.

Va a ser una sopa y un sandwich. = it is walk to be a soup and a sandwich.

Va a ser un refresco y dos tacos. = the is going to be a soda and also two tacos.

Other options are:

¿Me puede(s)* traer…, por favor? = could you lug me…, please?

¿Me puede(s)* dar…, por favor? = can you give me…, please?

Quiero…, por favor.** = i want… please.

* We add an S come puede to speak in an informal way.

** I know it may feel rude come say quiero, however as long as you speak por favor and also use a nice tone of voice, it’s simply fine.

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Asking about Ingrediants for special Diets and also Allergies

Let’s have a look at few of the most common questions to ask a waiter while ordering. If you want to make sure if the food you’d prefer to order has (or does not have) a details ingredient, you could ask ¿Lleva…? = Does it have…in it?

¿Lleva queso? = does it have cheese?

¿Lleva carne? = walk it have meat?

¿Lleva nueces? = does it have nuts in it?

Asking if miscellaneous is Spicy

Whether you choose spicy food or not, it can be helpful to ask ahead of time. Use these paragraph to discover out:

¿Es picante? = Is that spicy?

¿Pica mucho? = Is it as well spicy?

¿Cuál pica menos/más? = i beg your pardon is less/more spicy?

If you’re sensitive to spicy food, you might want use among the adhering to phrases:

¿Lo pueden hacer sin chile? = have the right to you make it without chile/spice?

¿Se puede hacer sin chile? = deserve to it it is in made there is no chile/spice?

¿Tienes otra opción comparable sin chile? = do you have another comparable option there is no chile/spice?

¿Tienes otra opción que no pique? = carry out you have actually another similar option without chile/spice?

The native con = with and also sin = without room also really useful. They permit us to include or take away ingredients from our dish.