Whether you are planning to travel to France or to any kind of other country that is primarily French-speaking, you room going to require to discover the language. Due to the fact that this can take some time, there are some usual phrases that would make the procedure easier for you.

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How do You speak “Good Morning” in French?

The most common means to say great morning in French is bonjour – express in the IPA transcription. It literally means “good day,” yet most world use it to say hello in the morning or throughout the day.

In mainland France, however, French-speakers will certainly not use the literal great morning together a kind of greeting when the day starts. Together such, friend are highly likely to encounter other morning legacies that the French observe, which can seem weird if you space from the English-speaking world. 

Read on to find out more:

Greeting civilization in French in the Morning

Bonjour would occupational when you great to say great morning, at least in many contexts. Although words matin is offered for morning, civilization in French-speaking nations will not usage it while speak “good morning.” Instead, they would use bonjour.

Although this word means “good day” in English, that is mainly used come say “hello” or “good morning” in much the same method you would certainly greet other civilization in the morning once you are in a Francophone country. 

Generally speaking, French speakers carry out not place any emphasis top top mornings. This is why breakfast is typically little and light. The might likewise be among the factors why the is so uncommon to greet civilization with a great morning. 


However, this is no the case in French-speaking Canada, an especially in Québec. When there, you can hear people using bon matin as a type of greeting in the morning. This greeting is no traditionally French but was adopted by the country. 

Informal French Morning Greetings

If you are greeting a friend, a member of your family, or a close acquaintance, you can use a much less formal way. That is normally recommended that you move to “salut.” the is pronounced: in the IPA transcription. The English indistinguishable of this greeting would certainly be hey, hello, or hi. 

However, you should only use this not blocked greeting while addressing someone that is younger 보다 you or an extremely close to you personally. Remember, French society is highly formal and also salut can not be ideal while addressing people who are older 보다 you or greater than friend in the social order, even if they are close family members. 

What to Say in French when Leaving in the Morning

While leaving someone you simply talked to during morning hours, that is thought about polite to offer them a bonne matinée. This expression is pronounced as . It means good morning however should no be offered as a form of greeting as soon as you first meet someone in the morning. Instead, you need to say it as soon as you space leaving. 

When you usage it in this way, it accurately method that you are wishing them a good morning ahead. This is something that you would typically be expected to perform as component of the rule of “politesse” that room so valuable for getting in addition to French-speakers. It would be the same means you would certainly say have a an excellent day or a pretty day ahead while acquisition your leaving in the English-speaking world. 

Use French Titles for Strangers

You can learn just how to say great morning in French by including a title as soon as you accomplish someone you execute not know an extremely well in the morning. Together we pointed out earlier, French culture is very formal. This is why the is taken into consideration polite to add titles as soon as you wish to greet strangers.

Examples of title you can add to the greeting “bonjour” include: 

Madame (pronounced ): While speaking to a woman who is older 보다 you or obviously marriedMonsieur (pronounced ): While speak to any adult man, regardless of whether of their age or marital status Mademoiselle (pronounced ): While speak to a young girl or a young woman that does no seem to be married (lack the a wedding ring on your finger) 

From saying good morning in French come finding your method around – every while remaining polite (a general dominion of ignorance in French-speaking countries is “politesse” or politeness) – try to find out all the usual phrases in French before and also during your trip. If possible, acquire yourself a French frequency dictionary to make the process easier because that yourself. Bon voyage! 



If you desire to learn helpful French vocabulary, don"t forget to take a look at our French Frequency Dictionaries. You"ll obtain 10,000 most typical French words in addition to example sentences interpreted into English. That amounts to roughly 400,000 words. That"s a great reading practice.

A couple of Pointers

Bonjour (hello or an excellent morning) and also Au revoir (Goodbye) job-related in basically any kind of situation.

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Salut can additionally be offered as one informal method to say “bye-bye.”Allô is provided only when you space on the phone. Don’t use to greet who on the street.À add to tard! means “See friend later!”Last however not least, don’t usage “bon matin” to wish someone a good morning. This expression is offered marginally, e.g. In French-speaking Quebec. You can say bonne matinée as a farewell greeting in the an interpretation “Have a good morning.”