In English, when you want to recognize that who is going to bed, you speak “goodnight.” It’s usually the only time you say it. Also though it’s late, you’d seldom say “goodnight” to someone if you’re simply saying your goodbyes because that the evening.

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Meanwhile, in French, and depending on whether you’re greeting/bidding someone farewell, or exactly how well you understand them, you speak “goodnight” in French in different ways (you also must take into consideration how intimate the instance is).

Knowing exactly how to speak bonne nuit (the many literal translate in of “goodnight”), however, is only fifty percent of the picture.

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6 means To Say good Night In French

So take a look in ~ this guide for a couple of other means to to speak goodnight in French.


4. Bonsoir — an excellent Evening, or an excellent Night in French

In French, words Bonsoir is generally used as a greeting. It way “good evening”.

Bonsoir can likewise indicate “goodnight” in French. The consumption varies through region. It’s an ext popular come say bonne soirée come express “goodnight” in French in major cities in France (Paris, Marseille, Lyon), wherein Bonsoir is supplied to bid someone farewell native a party or night affair.

Bonsoir is also a little much more formal method of speak “good night” in French. However, it’s never ever a negative idea come sound a small formal in French.

5. Bonne Soirée — have a an excellent evening in French

When who is leave (or you space departing), you use bonne soirée to wish them goodnight in French.

You have the right to say “goodbye,” “good night,” or “see girlfriend later” at any type of moment in the evening as soon as it’s the critical time you’ll view them till the following day.

6. A demain — watch you morning in French

In French, girlfriend can likewise say à demain to say goodnight.

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It means “see friend tomorrow.” This may appear to it is in a little bit of a joke. However, it is a widely organized belief.

After all, if someone goes to bed (in the very same house), girlfriend will watch them the next day.