Translating great night in French have the right to be tricky because it counts on what “night” means: society night time, or bed time. Avoid a faux-pas & train v audio.

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Imagine friend leave her French friend after share a drink with them, you’ve already said goodbye in French, and also now desire to include ‘have a an excellent night’ in French.

This article features audio recordings. Click the blue text alongside the headphone to hear me say that word or sentence in French.

Note that as soon as applicable, I offered a modern-day spoken French pronunciation.

You’ve learned in your French studies that ‘night’ to be “la nuit” in French. So you prepare your sentence, location the irregular adjective before the noun, do the covenant (kiddos!!), and also wish them a i was sure “bonne nuit“… and they all start laughing.

What went wrong?

Table of Contents
1 – how to Say great night in French?
2 – good (Social) Night in French vs Sleep Well
3 – have actually a an excellent Night in French = Bonne Soirée
4 – What around “Bonsoir” in French?
5 – In Short

1 – just how to Say great night in French?

To answer this, we need to compare the intent behind “good night” in French and also in English.

Good night in English

In English, the is quite typical to say “good night” together in “enjoy the rest of the night”, the night below referring greatly to the society evening.

Good night in French

Well, the an excellent news is that it’s usual to carry out this in French as well.

The poor news is the you can’t translate literally.

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2 – great (Social) Night in French vs Sleep Well

In French, yes sir a different expression used for hoping the someone will reap the rest of your social night, and it doesn’t involve the word ‘night’.

If you translated ‘good night’ literally in French you’d gain “bonne nuit“. Express it prefer .

Unfortunately,“bonne nuit” means ‘sleep well’. The what you say to someone prior to they walk to bed….