With Valentine’s day right about the corner, there’s no better time to tell your loved people just just how much friend adore them- in Persian, the course! inspect out this 10 sweet terms and phrases of endearment the you can call friends, family, and also lovers.

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Terms of Endearment


Azizam literally method “my dear” and is a basic term of endearment that you can use through anyone- friend, family, lover, old, young. You’ll also hear women who are total strangers speak to each other azizam. There have been a couple of times as soon as I to be riding the metro and also a woman who was marketing make-up asked me to host her box of lipstick if she tested the various shades the red on a potential buyer. “Azizam, might you host this because that a sec?” she asked rhetorically handing me the box. Azizam is additionally the universal name women contact other women once they don’t recognize or don’t remember your actual name. Utilizing azizam is so common that I discover myself calling human being “dear” in English a lot more than i did 5 year ago. In ~ this point, it appears wrong not to.


Jigar talâ

Calling someone your liver (or “golden liver” in this case) is the ultimate term that endearment. A small strange? Maybe. Yet hey, for the French, the “cabbage.” Every society has that is quirks. 

Though frequently romantic, jigar no necessarily have to be. That sometimes just used to present affection. When I contact one of my aunts in particular, she security the very first minute or for this reason going jigar, jigar, jigar, jigar… to show how happy she is i called and that she misses me. You can inspect out various other variations the this hatchet in this post.


Aziz-e delam

Literally “dear of mine heart,” aziz-e delam is comparable to “sweetheart.” as with the English, it’s not exclusive to couples and also can be supplied in any loving relationship to to express affection.

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Dooset dâram

Literally, “I favor you” but used in the feeling of “I love you.” This is the “less strong” variation of âsheghetam and also used more commonly, I would argue. Think that it together the Persian version of the Spanish te quiero.

The correct kind is in reality doostet dâram (دوستت دارم ), however in speaking, us don’t really hear that first /t/ and it sounds like dooset dâram. In unshened Persian writing, it’s additionally spelled that way, دوست دارم .