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How to say please in Arabic: Arjuk / males fadlak

Learning Arabic for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say you re welcome in Arabic: Arjuk / males fadlakSay it out loud: “ar juk / males fad lak

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Some more helpful words in our Arabic Courtesy/Questions category:

...the bathroom – Al Hammam (al ham mam)come v me – Ezhab Ma"e (ez hab ma he)do friend speak english? – Hal Tatakalam Al Englezya? (hal ta ta ka lam al eng le zya)excellent – Mumtaz (mum taz)excuse me – Uzran (uz ran)excuse me (to gain past) – Al Mahzera (al mah ze ra)good / poor – Jayed / Saye" (ja yed / sa yeh)how do you say…? – Kayf Akool? (kayf A kool?)how lot is this? – Kam Se"r? (kam sehr?)may I? (point at chair, door) – men Fadlek (men fad lek)maybe – Robbama (rob ba ma)no trouble – La Moshkela (la mosh ke la)please – Arjuk / guys fadlak (ar juk / males fad lak)sorry – Aasef (A sef)thank you – Shukran lak (shuk ran lak)thanks – Shukran (shuk ran)what is that? – Ma Haza? (ma ha za)where is… – Ayen (ayen)yes / no – Na"am / La (na ham / la)you space welcome – Ahlan bek / La shukr Ala Wajeb (ah lan bek / la shuk ala wajeb)

And here’s exactly how to say please in various other languages!

Arabic–Arjuk / men fadlak (ar juk / guys fad lak)Chinese–Qǐng (Ching)Croatian–molim (moe leem)Czech–Prosim (pro SEEM)Finnish–kiitos (kee eh tos)French–S"il vous plaît (see voo play)German–bitte (bit tuh)Italian–Per favore (pear fa vor reh)Japanese–Onegai Shimasu (Oh na Gai Shee Mass)Korean–Butakhaeyo. (Boo Taak Hae Yo.)Polish–proszę (pro" sheh)Portuguese–Por donate (pohr fah vohr)Russian–Pozhaluysta (Pah zhah looy stah)Spanish–por donate (pore fah vore)Swahili–tafadhali (tah fah dah lee)Thai–Chuai (CHOO-ai)Turkish–lütfen (loot fahn)Vietnamese–Làm Ơn (Lam Uhn)

When communicating with people it"s essential you learn how to usage courtesy paragraph such together "please" (Arjuk / guys fadlak). This courtesy phrase have the right to be used to present politeness or once requesting for something e.g. " "please" (Arjuk / males fadlak) educate me when the following bus arrives" or " could you take me deeper into the woodland next time "please" (Arjuk / males fadlak)?" acquire instant access to the Arabic Language Set.

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