NCIS just gave fans solution to the longest running inquiry in the series – exactly how on planet does Gibbs acquire the watercraft out that his basement?!

The question has actually been a to run gag top top the collection for the past 18 seasons, and also was hinted at critical season.

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The episode began as the FBI, and also Agent Park (Gary Cole), busting into Gibbs’ (Mark Harmon) house in search of him and also with one arrest warrant.

After looking the main floor, Park headed towards the basement, whereby fans discovered just exactly how Gibbs gets his watercrafts out that the basement.

It to be revealed, by the shine of Park’s flashlight, the there’s a huge gaping feet in the back wall of his home!

Fans had their jaws drop in ~ the disclose tonight. Inspect out every the tweets about it below!

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ALMOST disappointed ns know just how Gibbs obtained his watercraft out now. Almost. Yet not quite. #NCIS

— pfennig (
pfennig) October 12, 2021

Basement tunnel. Therefore that's one secret solved! #NCIS

— Jarred Braxton (
JBraxt29) October 12, 2021

so that’s just how Gibbs gets the boat out?! #ncis

— carli (
alexandriaxox) October 12, 2021

so THATS just how he obtained the boat out #ncis

— eliseee (
eliseefernandez) October 12, 2021

Omg the hole! #ncis

— theseshows19 (
theseshows19) October 12, 2021

That’s how he it s okay the boats out! ~ 17+ year is the secret finally solved?? #NCIS

— Carley tweets reflects (
it_carley413) October 12, 2021

NCIS_CBS for this reason that’s just how Gibbs gained the boat out! Lol

— Becky Novello (

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becky_novello) October 12, 2021

Oh that’s just how ..