The ability to utilise oxygen is an essential for all species of performance. Top top this web page we administer an overview of the system that governs oxygen intake and also the four distinct stages of "respiration".

Respiratory system vital terms

As you check out through this page and also the other respiratory system pages below at few of the state you encounter may be unfamiliar to you. Thus some of the significant terms are defined for you as follows;




A sensory nerve receptor that is stimulated by chemistry in the blood such together oxygen, carbon dioxide and also hydrogen ions.

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VO2 describes the volume (amount) that oxygen the is spend by the body per minute. It is a measure up of a who aerobic (with oxygen) fitness.

VO2 max

VO2 max describes the maximum volume of an people body to transport and utilise oxygen throughout exercise. That is a measure up of a person’s aerobic (with oxygen) fitness.


This refers to the chemical processes that occur within a life cell that are essential for the maintenance of life. In metabolism building materials such together fat and also glucose are damaged down to create energy for an important processes.


This describes the lungs


This means towards the external or furthest suggest of something


Oxygen, i m sorry is essential by the body for aerobic metabolism


Carbon dioxide, i m sorry is a rubbish product of metabolism and is acidic

H+ ions

Hydrogen ions, which are a rubbish product the metabolism and are acidic


This refers to the continuous regulation that the body’s internal environment to maintain a stable living condition


Refers to a problem that results in shortness the breath and discomfort through breathing

Valsalva Manoeuvre

Refers to the act of holding your breath and contracting your core muscles once lifting heavy weights.

What is the respiratory system?

The respiratory system refers to the organs and structures the the human body that permit you come breathe. The two key goals of the respiratory system are to:

Deliver oxygen (O2) to the blood and tissues that the bodyRemove carbon dioxide (CO2) produced by the body ago into the atmosphere 


What does the respiratory device do?

The respiratory device achieves that two key goals with the action of respiration (breathing). The act of respiration have the right to be split into four distinctive and critical parts, this are:

1. Pulmonary ventilation – the activity of breath to move air into and also out the the lungs. (‘Pulmonary’ refers to the lungs).

2. Pulmonary gas exchange – the exchange the O2 and CO2 in between the blood and also the lungs. This is likewise known together ‘external respiration’.

3. Respiratory gas transport – the communication of the respiratory system with the cardiovascular system to carry O2 and CO2 in between the lungs and the organization of the body.

4. Peripheral gas exchange – the exchange that O2 and CO2 in between the blood and the tissues of the body. This is likewise known together ‘internal respiration’.

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Why is the respiratory mechanism important?

The respiratory device is vital for our survival, quite just without inhalation that oxygen and also exhalation the carbon dioxide we would die. The respiratory tract system because of this constantly works to certain this is does the respiratory system maintain homeostasis