The dartboard is, there is no a doubt, a popular spot in a bar. If friend love it, then you can proceed the funny at home, especially since you only require a few dollars because that a board and also some an are in her man cavern or basement.

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Before you understand it, you will certainly be polishing your an abilities and wowing your pals at the bar.

There are official rules on just how a dartboard must be collection up and also this includes the distance between the board and also where you must stand.

While setup up your own board at home does not have to follow this rules, you can hone her skills far better following the mandated distance. But prior to planning whereby to put the board and marking the was standing line, friend will need to make sure your board has sufficient space.

Playing darts chin does not require so lot space, but remember that darts have the right to be dangerous. The last thing you want is because that someone to it is in hit through a ricocheting dart, so make certain your playing an are is roomy enough.

Dart games can be dangerous since of the spicy objects the you are throwing across the room. This is why you execute not want anything in the vicinity, especially seats or couches where world can get accidentally hit.

A edge is your best bet, one where there are few people passing by. The course, the throwing area should additionally have sufficient space.

Official Height and also Distances of Dart Boards


If you find yourself lacking an are in her basement or guy cave, you have the right to make her dartboard play area smaller. It will, however, impact your video game as you could find her performance on a dartboard complying with the official ranges worse.

If friend really want to be great at the game, girlfriend should set up your board the method it is supposed to be set up.

Once girlfriend have established the point out to location your dartboard, that is time to start measuring. You need a measure up tape come make certain you have specific position. Fortunately, over there is only one traditional for all dart video game organizations worldwide, therefore you carry out not require to obtain confused.

1. Height

The an initial thing to perform is come mount your board at the right height. The official regulations state that it should be 5 feet, 8 customs (or 1.73 meters) indigenous the ground. The measurements are applicable to both steel-tipped and also plastic-tipped darts.

Another essential thing come remember is that the measurements do not start at the bottom the the board and instead, it begins at the center or the bullseye. Friend might likewise want to ask a friend to aid you the end in holding the plank so you deserve to measure accurately.

2. Street From The Board

This is wherein you figure out the answer to the question, “how much should you it is in standing native a dartboard?” once you have actually the an initial part figured out, you will need to note where you (and your competitors) need to be standing when playing.

This point out is dubbed the oche (pronounced favor the ockey in jockey). Evening out the throwing distance means no one is at an unfair benefit during the (friendly) competition. Plus, you will certainly base your an approach on the distance, so adhering to the an international regulations will median you deserve to throw simply as good wherever you are.

There are different standards for steel-tipped and also plastic-tipped darts as soon as it pertains to the throw distance. The an initial is 7 feet, 9 and also ¼ inch (or 2.37 meters) away from the surface ar of the dartboard. While because that plastic-tipped darts, you should be an even 8 feet (or 2.4384 meters) away.

Take keep in mind that the dimensions do not start at the wall, and instead, you need to take into consideration the thickness the the dartboard. Simply include these values (most boards space 1 and also ½ inches thick) as soon as measuring.

3. Street From The Bullseye

Another method to determine the best distance is to measure up from the bullseye chin to the oche, creating a diagonal line line. The global standard street is 9 feet, 7 and also 3/8 customs (or 2.98 meters).


Marking the Oche

The oche, or the throwing line, is the closestly spot to the dartboard permitted when throw the dart. This means, you are not actually allowed to overcome it, even if that is just the torso or your arms walking over.

Doing therefore is taken into consideration illegal in administer boards everywhere the world. This is because it shortens the throw distance and puts you in ~ an advantage over those who carry out not walk over the oche. Thus, make certain you stick to the oche come ensure a fair video game at all times.

This way marking your throwing heat is important. In most instances, using duct tape to note the clues is enough, specifically in areas where dartboard gamings are casual and non-professional.

While going end the oche is considered officially illegal, there is no require for girlfriend to begin fights end it. Instead, the is a guide to follow.

On the various other hand, experienced games and also bars take it the oche more seriously, i beg your pardon is why they use a thin item of lumber to mark the spot. This is normally attached straight onto the floor and also is around 1 and ½ customs high. This renders it simpler to monitor whether human being are going end the throwing line or not.


Buying Guide

Some dart board sets are easily accessible that include a dart mat do of sturdy vinyl material. They deserve to be easily unrolled and also are about 10 feet long and also 3 feet wide. It has the published oches because that both steel-tipped and plastic-tipped darts, for this reason you execute not have to make the initiative of measuring.

Just make certain the mat is placed versus the wall where her dartboard is mounted. The finest thing about it is, the keeps the game fair and also your dartboard look at much an ext professional. Lastly, the mat provides added protection for your floor in situation the darts room flying about the room.

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A dartboard is absolutely one the the cool must-haves in a man cavern or basement. Setup it up is not that difficult, specifically when you monitor this guide to setting it up. So how far do you was standing from a dart board? 7’ 9¼” away.

If friend haven"t purchased the dartboard yet, below is our comfortable article and also buying overview to help you navigate the learning curve