One hundred feet is a typical phrase supplied when estimating distances, building lengths, or heights, however getting a true idea because that just how tall or lengthy 100 feet is deserve to be tricky.

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Picturing a couple of common or renowned objects, however, can aid you acquire a better feel because that what 100 feet actually is.Here space 9 points that are 100 feet tall.Two Cyprus treesBoeing 737 -500 aircraft10 Story buildingThree institution bussesBlue whaleTwo shipping containersTwo MegalodonsSeven conventional carsDistance indigenous pitchers mount to the outfield grass


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1. 2 Cyprus Trees

Cyprus trees, which are coniferous evergreens very closely related to pine trees, are tall and also narrow. Lock are common in Italy and also other parts of Europe yet are additionally commonly supplied in see designs about the world.They’re specifically popular when supplied as a type of hedge, and because your foliage is for this reason dense and they deserve to be get an impression so closely together, castle make fantastic border or yard break. A usual Cyprus tree grow to about 50 feet tall, although some might be slightly much shorter or taller 보다 this. If girlfriend can photo two Cyprus trees together, you have the right to estimate with loved one accuracy how tall 100 feet is.

2. A Boeing 737-500 jet aircraft

The Boeing 737-500 jet aircraft is just one of the smaller sized 737 models readily available by Boeing and also has a size of practically exactly 100 feet.The 737-500 plane was launched by Southwest airline in 1987 as soon as they put an order of 20 aircraft. The very first one flew for them in 1990. Later, the model ended up being popular with numerous Russian airlines. V a capacity that have the right to seat between 110 and also 132 people, this Boeing model was a popular selection for shorter or smaller flights.Although most classic Boeing 737-500s have actually been retired, there are still a few remain. If you check out a picture of the classic 737-500, you have the right to estimate what 100 feet in size looks like.

3. A 10 Story Building

In general, one story in a structure is around 10 feet tall. This way that 10 story is around 100 feet tall, therefore picturing a tall building can help you quickly estimate what 100 feet tall looks like.Of course, buildings come in all shapes and sizes, so part 10 stories structures may differ a little in height. Peaked roofs or different roof decorations can likewise make a distinction when it comes to height, and some stories in buildings may it is in slightly taller or shorter than 10 feet, which can also cause some discrepancies in the in its entirety height of a building.

4. Three college Buses

School buses can be uncovered in several various sizes, depending on whether the bus is small, for usage in an ext rural locations or smaller institution districts, medium-sized, or full-sized.Medium-sized buses are the most frequently used, specifically in an ext populated locations or larger school districts, and also these buses room what most people picture when they think of travel to school.Most mean school buses measure up just about 35 feet in length. This method that picturing three college buses parked finish to finish can assist you easily and accurately estimate what 100 feet in total looks like, as the three buses will be simply over 100 feet in length.

5. A Blue Whale

Blue whales are not only the largest pets on the earth now, but they space the largest pets to have ever existed. An adult blue whale can grow to just around 100 feet in length and will weigh about 191 tons.It’s not known exactly how lengthy blue whales live, yet the best guess is in between 80 and also 90 years.Blue whales practically exclusively subsist on krill, which are small crustaceans.The whales feed by swallowing huge mouthfuls of water wherein krill are swimming and then expelling the water, leaving behind only the small crustaceans.Blue whales were hunted practically to extinction throughout the 1800s, however they space now defended by several worldwide laws.

6. Two Shipping Containers

A shipping container, such together what you could see ~ above a cargo ship or attached to the earlier of a semi-truck, is usually about 50 feet in length.These are additionally the exact same containers that are frequently seen gift pulled by trains throughout the joined States and also other countries.Therefore, if girlfriend can photo two shipping containers lied end-to-end, you deserve to accurately estimate what 100 feet look at like.

7. Two Megalodons

Although they nothing exist today, having actually gone die out in the Pliocene era, gigantic megalodon sharks room still reasonably well-known thanks to science and science-fiction.Megalodon sharks space often taken into consideration to be among the biggest shark varieties to have ever before existed, however their precise size and also appearance are debated, as no finish skeleton has ever been discovered.In general, however, it’s approximated that megalodons could grow to in between 47 and also 67 feet in length. If us take an typical megalodon size of 50 feet, we deserve to say that two megalodons with each other would equal close to 100 feet in length.Megalodons no the only sharks the can grow to 50 feet or much more in length. Whale sharks, i beg your pardon exist today, can grow to 50 or more feet, so picturing 2 of these gentle sharks together can also aid you visualize 100 feet in length.Basking sharks, which additionally exist today, are the second-largest living shark varieties and can prosper to about 25 feet in length.Four of these sharks inside wall up sleep to tail would be about 100 feet.

8. Seven Standard Cars

Cars come in every sizes and, therefore, can be found in a variety of lengths.What the car is draft for and also the style of the vehicle can additionally make the length of different cars vary greatly.However, in general, cars are between 12 and also 15 feet long, with most sedan-style vehicles measuring just around 14 feet. This means that if 7 cars room parked finish to end, the full length would just be around 2 feet shy of 100 feet.

9. The street from the Pitcher’s Mound come the Outfield Grass

Whether they’ve watched or play a game, most world are fairly familiar with the shape and also size the a baseball diamond.The street from home plate come the bases is actually quite far, reaching well end 100 feet.However, the distance from the pitcher’s mound come the sheet of the outfield grass, simply beyond 2nd base, is 95 feet. Visualizing this distance can help you approximate what 100 feet is.

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