Both historical and fascinating in their very own ways, the urban of Boston and new York are linked by several approaches of transportation. From direct flights to express trains and also low-cost buses, you have your an option when it involves traveling native Beantown come the big Apple.

Fly under for a whirlwind day come grab a delicious dinner and also a Broadway show, struggle the highway in your automobile or the bus because that an overnight stay to catch a Yankees game, or take it a scenic train journey to check out the city"s world-famous social institutions and attractions. Brand-new York City is 216 mile southwest that Boston, and also it takes three-and-a-half come six hours to reach, relying on your desired mode that transportation.

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Regardless that the season, you have the right to start planning your trip to new York City through our list of take trip options. As soon as you arrive, sign up with the locals ~ above the subway and also commuter trains to make your method around Manhattan and the other boroughs to reap all that the city needs to offer, from diverse cuisines and happening communities to sensational entertainment.

Here are 4 of the best ways to gain from Boston to new York City, along with insider advice ~ above what to store in mind through each option.

Note: part businesses may be temporary closed as result of recent an international health and also safety issues.

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1. From Boston to new York by Train

New York City skyline

Amtrak"s Acela express train is by much the most efficient and comfortable means to obtain to new York from Boston. Leave from southern Station downtown or Boston back Bay Station, it will take around four hours to obtain to pen Station. The Acela solely has organization and an initial Class cars, and also it comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and also a café and quiet car. The seats have decent legroom, foldout tables because that working/dining, and power outlets.

Prices count on class and also departure times. The first Class seat comes with early on boarding, a totally free at-seat meal, and beverages; travelers will additionally have accessibility to the stations" lounges. Because that the many scenic views, sit on the left next of the car.

On weekdays, Acela trains depart hourly throughout rush hour. Budget-conscious travelers deserve to opt because that a somewhat longer (by 30 mins), however still pleasant, journey on the Amtrak Northeast local train, which currently comes with Wi-Fi. The very first train the the day pipeline at 5:05am, and the last train departs from Boston at 9:30pm (the only train whereby you can check luggage). Otherwise, you deserve to use the overhead storage on the other trains.

Often, Amtrak uses AAA discounts, however train tickets tend to be on the greater end, even more than flights. Once traveling throughout the winter months, train take trip is the best option come avoid trip delays or negative road problems due to snowy and icy conditions.

2. Indigenous Boston to new York through Car

Brooklyn Bridge, new York City

Travelers can opt to drive from Boston to brand-new York for an ext flexibility and if you room bringing pets. If you room leaving indigenous downtown Boston, do your means to I-93 southern towards I-90 (Mass Pike) and connect come I-84. Take into consideration staying ~ above I-84 come I-684 rather of using I-95 to prevent traffic.

Apps favor Waze and Google Maps will give you the best feasible route. Leaving after sirloin hour for a faster ride, however allow additional time on weekends and also holidays. Driving time bring away anywhere in between four to 6 hours, depending on traffic and also weather conditions. Save in psychic that new York City street parking deserve to be an overwhelming to find and also garage fees space high, including at hotels.

3. Indigenous Boston to brand-new York through Bus

Statue that Liberty

The cheapest method to obtain from Boston to new York is by bus. Although bus travel takes longer than the train, you have the right to travel between the cities for a fraction of the price. The popular bus line, Greyhound has buses leaving south Station to brand-new York"s port Authority Bus Terminal daily, with hourly buses throughout rush hour. The vehicles come equipped through reclining leather seats, Wi-Fi, strength outlets, and onboard toilets. That takes anywhere from four-and-a-half to six hours to with Manhattan, depending upon traffic and also the time the the week. Friday evenings regularly take the longest.

Megabus and BoltBus space two other alternatives for those traveling from Boston by bus. Megabus offers reserved seating, toilets, and also Wi-Fi, and drops turn off customers at 7th Avenue and also 27th Street in Midtown Manhattan, within walking street from penn Station and also many subway lines. BoltBus provides power outlets, leather seats, extra legroom, and Wi-Fi. It pipeline customers in ~ 36th street in between 7th and also 8th Avenues. You have actually the option of purchasing her tickets front of time online.

4. Native Boston to brand-new York by airplane

Aerial see of central Park, new York City

Flights in between Boston and new York operation frequently, and getting ~ above a aircraft is the more quickly option in between the 2 cities. Although lengthy security lines and transfers to and from the airports take time, the really flying time is just 35 minutes. The best part is that airfares are frequently cheaper than train tickets. Airlines like JetBlue, American, Delta, and also United run flights native Boston come JFK, LaGuardia (LGA), and Newark (EWR) airports daily and also have equivalent fares.

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If you are traveling come JFK, you deserve to take the AirTrain and also connect to the lengthy Island Rail roadway (LIRR) or the subway in monarchs to make your way to Manhattan or any kind of other areas. LaGuardia plane is simply eight mile from midtown Manhattan; you can take the M60 bus from any of the terminals come 125th Street, connecting come the subway (free transfer) come your final destination.

Alternatively, you deserve to take one Uber or Lyft ride come the heart of the city. Indigenous Newark worldwide Airport (located 17 miles from Midtown), new Jersey Transit trains (referred to as the AirTrain) will bring you to penn Station. For a exclusive shuttle organization from any type of of the NYC area airports, pick NYC Airporter or go Airlink NYC (the official airport spaceship partner).