I’ve spoken about just exactly how high residence cats deserve to jump in an post before. Spoiler alert: It’s really stinkin’ high, and if you compare a cat’s jump ability to a human’s, it puts into perspective just how athletic our small domestic kitties are.

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But how around their running ability? Yes, cats definitely may be some that the most lazy creatures you can ever lay her eyes on, however have you ever seen even the laziest house cat run?

Like lightening! rate is definitely one the a cat’s abilities i envy most. Imagine gift able come run like a feline for just one sprint!

How fast precisely do residential cats run? and also how perform they compare to person speed? deserve to they run much faster than the fastest human on earth? and what about dogs – deserve to cats outrun them? These questions are specifically what I’ll be answering today.

Facts around Cats’ running Speed

How rapid Can home Cats Run?

Hitting top speeds, the fastest house cats have the right to run approximately 30 mph. That’s approximately 47 km/hr.

In case you’re wonder how quick that feels:

It’s double the maximum rate limit you’re usually allowed to drive in a parking many (15 mph / 24 kph).It’s about as quick as the maximum speed limit ~ above the average country road (30 mph / 50 km/hr).

So that means the average house cat have the right to outrun any kind of car driving at the rate limit in a parking lot, and for a short time, can practically keep up through a auto driving in ~ the maximum rate limit top top a nation road.

Pretty impressive!

Does the maximum rate a home cat can run count on breed?

Yes. Similar to most biology facts around cats – breed definitely plays a part in how rapid a cat deserve to run as well.

Dr. Becker mentions that the 9 fastest each other of home cat are additionally the 9 most athletic and also energetic in general.

These each other include: Egyptian Maus, Abyssinians, Somalis, Bengals, Savannahs, Manxs, Siamese cats, Ocicats, & Orientals.

Cat rate VS human Speed

Are residence cats much faster than humans?

In case you to be wondering about averages: yes, certainly the average home cat is faster and also can outrun the average human.

What’s more interesting but is how fast house cats compare to Usain Bolt – the record breaker for the point out of the fastest man on Earth…

Are house cats much faster than Usain Bolt (the world’s fastest human to date)?

Usain Bolt, the fastest human being to date, struggle the current civilization record earlier in august 16, 2009 throughout the civilization Championships in Berlin.

His document high rate was 27.8 mph (44.72 km/h).

His mean speed end the course of this 100 m race was 23.35 mph (37.58 km/h).

What’s that mean? At his top speed Usain Bolt hit nearly the same peak speed together a residence cat.

Could super quick house cat outrun Usain Bolt at a 100 m sprint? Probably, but the fact that Usain Bolt would certainly come in nice close – a ridiculous feat considering just how agile domestic cats are.

Cat rate VS Dog Speed

Are cats or dog faster?

You’ve most likely guessed this yourself, however it really counts on the breed of cat or dog you’re talk about!

Greyhound dogs, through their lengthy legs, deserve to hit speeds of as much as a lining 43 miles per hour (69 km/hr)!

So yes, they certainly do outrun all house cats, also the many athletic ones.

At the other end of the spectrum, you have little stout dogs like the English Bulldog, which only hit approximately 15 mph (24 kph).

Needless to say, your average residence cat deserve to definitely outrun these dogs.

If you want to throw all cats into the mix, and aren’t just talking about the home cat range – the fastest cat (an animal!) on earth is the cheetah, when the more quickly dog is the greyhound.

Cheetahs have the right to hit speeds up to 75 mph (120 km/hr), when greyhounds, as formerly stated, have the right to hit about 43 mph (69 kph).

That 43 mph is no little feat, however it’s tho no challenge when compared to the peak speed of the #1 fastest animal on earth, the cheetah.

Of course, it’s not prefer you can have a cheetah life in her home, so talking purely around domesticated animals – yup, the fastest trained dog each other can certainly beat any type of ol’ home cat.

Your think on Cat running Speeds?

Ever been impressed through how fast the average house cat have the right to run? They certain do pack a large punch for rate considering their as whole laziness, don’t they?

Ever wondered whether a house cat might outrun a dog? carry out you feel it’s fair to encompass cheetahs in the mix when you’re talking about cat vs dog speed?

Do you feeling it’s an ext fair to think about averages for only domesticated breeds?

How awesome carry out you think it’d feeling to be able to run as quick as a house cat for just one sprint?

I’d certainly love to feel that sensation – my very own legs being able to bring me that fast!

I guess just Usain Bolt and a handful of other crazy fast Olympic sprint runners will ever before come close come knowing exactly how that feeling firsthand!

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