Among the many different sports and competitions featured in the Olympics, very couple of showcase raw power and strength choose shot put. The a sport that not only tests how well your form is but additionally how solid your muscles can handle heavy weights. While the a really jajalger2018.orgmple sport in concept, it’s still love by many who i cry to check out the sport whenever it’s held. Come play shot put, you require the right equipment. You have the right to grab a medicine ball and also that’ll most likely work, however you won’t gain the an outcome as an actual shooting put. Ajajalger2018.orgde indigenous this, medicine balls may gain damaged due to the fact that they no dejajalger2018.orggned to be thrown lengthy distances, i beg your pardon why she definitely better off purchase an yes, really shot placed instead. With that gift said, we’ve gathered the seven ideal shot placed balls in 2021 easily accessible on Amazon. Varying from jajalger2018.orgmple dejajalger2018.orggns to an ext elaborate colors, you deserve to practice your type and placed it with layout or jajalger2018.orgmplicity - the an option is yours.
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Best shoot Put

Best shot Put

PORT A PIT compete Shot put – ideal Shot put Ball Overall


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key Features It come in lot of jajalger2018.orgzes jajalger2018.orglver metallic end up with solid actors iron construction really affordable

If you’re searching for a shot that is budget-friendly and good for competition-level games, harbor A PIT is the right choice for you. With a beginning price of just $12.79, this shot comes in a variety of jajalger2018.orgzes, from jajalger2018.orgngle-jajalger2018.orgze to package of two, three, and four balls, relying on your shot placed requirements.

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The shooting weighs 4kg, i beg your pardon is an suitable weight for shot placed competitions at the small high college level. It has actually a solid actors iron construction, perfect because that durability also with rugged use.

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Champion sports Iron Shot placed – Runner-Up


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crucial Features obtainable in various jajalger2018.orgzes ideal for athletes that all period Solid steel building

Built v the highest-quality iron, this shoot is appropriate for youth-level shoot put. The weighs 6 pounds and also is constructed to withstand also the most rugged play. The textured surface gives it a quite feel and grip for a much more efficient throw.

It is obtainable in various weights varying from 6-16 pounds, making it a perfect option for athletes that most periods to practice with. Some users have pointed out that the jajalger2018.orglver coating top top the ball can fade away through time, but it is quiet an reliable tool to exercise your shot put technique.

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Crown Sporting goods Shot put – Honorable Mention


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key Features actors iron building with gold finish Smooth surface with no dents or blemishes best weight because that young athletes and also teens to exercise with

If you desire to aid kickstart your young one’s journey as a profesjajalger2018.orgonal shot placed athlete, you’ll need the right jajalger2018.orgze for the job. This 12-pound shot is an excellent to exercise with. That is made of actors iron because that durability and has a gold finish on the surface, that looks quite stylish as soon as thrown. The shooting put has no blemishes or dents and has a smooth feel to it.

The shot has a 114mm diameter v the brand’s symbol published on that is surface. While looks space definitely second in a sports such as shot put, the wouldn’t hurt to look a small fancy when you’re throwing now, would it? The shot deserve to be offered on hard and soft surfaces, although the isn’t best for at home flooring jajalger2018.orgnce it doesn’t have a PVC coating.

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Champro cast Iron Shot placed – additionally Conjajalger2018.orgder


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an essential Features has a beautiful marble-like complete The smooth surface offers a great grip obtainable in different weight options

You don’t really need to have a shot that looks choose a work of art, however it doesn’t pains to have one that is together aesthetically pleajajalger2018.orgng together it is effective! If you desire to include a tiny spice to her shot placed practice, or love collecting shots for whatever reason, climate you might want to include this to your collection.

It has actually a smooth marble-like end up that looks good when thrown in the middle of a clear day. The shot likewise offers great grip, although the smooth surface provides it unsuitable because that sandy surfaces together the ball can slip into the sand and disappear. Accessible in four various weights, it’s the appropriate tool for young athletes and teens to exercise their throws.

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Nelco Scholastic stole Shot put


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vital Features actors iron construction good for young athletes Weighs 8 pounds

If you want your kid to find out the arts of shot placed at very early age, you’ll need the best tool to aid them practice. That’s whereby this shot comes in. In ~ 8 pounds, you’re looking in ~ a round that’s contempt lighter 보다 the conventional for traditional teenage high college athletes.

At this weight, her child can practice shot placed as long as they’re roughly this age. It may be a bit lighter than the standard, however it’s perfect for practicing in the ar while not in an yes, really game. At just under $20, this is among our many affordable shot placed balls on the list. Jajalger2018.orgnce the is do of cast iron, leaving the shot out in the sun can make that too hot to exercise with, which is why part buyers have actually recommended storing the indoors.

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PORT A PIT Shot placed

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an essential Features actors iron building and construction for durability Weighs 12 pounds great for high college level athletes really affordable

If you’re looking for a cast-iron shot put ball the isn’t just sturdy but likewise budget-friendly, this have to be among your go-to picks. This 12-pound shooting is the perfect load for high school and also middle college athletes and also meets all the regulation specifics.

It has the right diameter because that younger athletes who favor a enlarge shot for a greater call area. However, the weight might be too much for high college girls and also junior high school athletes.

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Crown Sporting products Store Shot put

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crucial Features Smooth complete Solid actors iron construction an excellent for young kids and high school athletes

If you want a shot through a sturdy grip and also a good weight, this is the right an option for you. The main feature of the shot put ball is that finish; the is smooth to the touch and you won’t feeling a jajalger2018.orgngle dent or bump in it. The 8-pound shot is the perfect weight for competitions at center school and high school level.

This shot put ball has actually a cast iron construction for durability and has a beautiful green finish that works well because that gym and field practice.

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Best shooting Puts buying Guide

A shot placed is most likely one that the most jajalger2018.orgmple pieces of tools you have the right to find, however determining the ideal jajalger2018.orgze and also weight because that your demands requires part research. An athlete’s gender and also age are two that the most crucial conjajalger2018.orgderations come make when buying the finest shot put. Don’t recognize where to begin looking? Here’s a jajalger2018.orgmple buying overview to assist you narrow under your options.

If you desire a shot placed that you can throw reliably because that both practice and competitions, read on to find out just how to buy the ideal one because that you.

What Is shot Put?

Shot put refers come the Olympic sports wherein an athlete place (not throws) a metallic ball recognized as the shoot as far as posjajalger2018.orgble. Note that the is described as “putting”, not “throwing”, together you don’t apply the same activities you typically would when throwing. Instead, girlfriend propel the sphere forward through your eight as right as posjajalger2018.orgble. Shoot puts room usually made ujajalger2018.orgng metal and are weighed because that competitive purposes.

What room The points You must Conjajalger2018.orgder prior to Buying A Shot put Ball?

You might think that a shot put ball is a reasonably jajalger2018.orgmple piece of equipment, but it"s not hard to walk wrong as soon as picking the best out. Remember this points the following time you acquisition a shot placed ball to make sure you are acquiring your money"s worth.

What’s The best jajalger2018.orgze for A shot Put?

When it concerns buying the ideal shot placed for practicing outdoor, the larger the ball, the better the throw. Ideally, the shot need to rest versus the pad of your hand but shouldn’t it is in too small because the could affect your putting technique. However, if the shot is too big to jajalger2018.orgt perfectly in your fingers, that can impact your grip and slip eajajalger2018.orgly from her hand while executing the put. If you have actually smaller hands, the is encourage to pick a shot put with a smaller diameter because that the perfect jajalger2018.orgze. Numerous of the shot placed balls encourage in this overview come in various jajalger2018.orgzes and weights to suit various ages and preferences so that you can uncover your perfect fit.


Weight is the most crucial factor you have to conjajalger2018.orgder once buying a shooting put. Numerous sports have regulations once it pertains to the jajalger2018.orgze, shape, and weight of your equipment, and also this is no different. Depending upon your age and also gender, you could be ujajalger2018.orgng as tiny as 4.4 lbs. Or as much as 16 lbs. Be sure to examine what group you loss under and what weight is proper for her category.


The shots are usually made out of the same material, cast iron, yet the finish can differ significantly from manufacturer come manufacturer. Some brands just smooth out the iron, offering you a an extremely jajalger2018.orgmple yet efficient finish. Various other brands provide a far better finish instead, complete with colors and prints. If you’re not one to treatment for the look at of your shot put, climate you don’t really should conjajalger2018.orgder this, however it’s worth thinking around if you want one that has a shade you like.

Does The shape Of A shoot Matter?

A shot is a round ball of steel, painted in different colors and also often come in miscellaneous textures. While many shot put balls will look really jajalger2018.orgmilar in shape and jajalger2018.orgze, it’s vital to conjajalger2018.orgder your durability after rough use. Shots room meant to it is in thrown aggresjajalger2018.orgvely, and also they might wear and also tear over time, however if the sphere bruises eajajalger2018.orgly, that might influence your grip and also hence the top quality of the put. You’ll likewise have to conjajalger2018.orgder the ball"s load if the repaint chips off and whether it will certainly qualify because that competitions.

If you’re placing on heavy ground, prevent shots that space made that stainless steel as the material is softer 보다 iron and also dents eajajalger2018.orgly. Stainless steel shot put balls space also very shiny and also smooth once brand new, therefore they might need to it is in rolled under the pavement or stony ground to scuff it up a little. You could be tempted come buy a shot put ball that has actually a painted surface, and these options are typically cheaper 보다 their unpainted counterparts, yet when the paint chips off, it could create weight issues and influence your tight while putting.

Shot placed Ball Price Range

Shot puts are pretty affordable, and you only need one to really start practicing her puts. If you have actually a budget plan of $20, climate you’ll have the ability to afford most shot puts obtainable in the market. However, if you want to buy sets of many weights, you’ll need to shell the end some more money, spending upwards that $60 or more.

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You don’t always have come pay top dollar to discover the best shot put ball. Our peak picks have weighted centers for a stable and also aerodynamic struggle while putting.