Facts about Beavers

Beavers are sometimes dubbed the engineers that the woods and they yes, really are. In fact, lock can readjust entire ecosystems v their bare teeth.Beavers are rodents therefore they are carefully related come rats, mice and also squirrels. The beaver in Sweden is the europe beaver.

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Scientific name:Castor fiber

Weight:11 – 30 kg (Adult)

Body length:80 – 100 centimeter (without tail)

Tail length:25 – 50 cm

Lifespan:16 – 24 years

Population in Sweden:The populace is approximated to it is in at least 150,000.

Natural predators:Man (hunting + traffic), Wolf, Lynx


Facts about Beavers in Sweden

Beavers are good swimmers and also divers

Beavers room well adjusted for an aquatic life through an oily waterproof fur,strong behind webbed feet and a tail shaped together a paddle.When lock dive lock close their nose and eyes and can stay underwater without breathing because that 20 minutes. They favor to it is in in the water as they are more secure there, but they can likewise be on soil while sleeping, feeding, working on your lodges and also dams and also when grooming your fur.

Perfectly adjusted to cold water

The beaver’s fur is brown and very dense, through 23,000 hairs every square centimeter (humans have 700). Your coat is greased with a substance referred to as castoreum to safeguard them agains the cold water.

Beavers build lodges and they live within them

Beavers constantly live close come the water, by a lake, a river, a little stream or even the sea. They build their lodge (or nest) top top the coast of the water making use of branches, twigs, mud and also rocks as building material.Some beaver lodges have actually been developed to the height of an average human. Their living area is retained dry and above the water line however the enntrance gate is under the water to stop predators indigenous entering. In places where there is a lot of sand or mud they may rather just dig a hole right into the financial institution of the river.

Beavers live in household groups

Beaver babies are dubbed kits or cubs. The adult couple live along with their kit of the year and kits from earlier years to kind family groups of approximately 8 beavers. Their young space born in May, up to 4 at a time.

Some Beavers build dams

Since beavers must make sure their lodge’s entrance remains under the water level and also their life compartment over the water level, they have to make certain that the water level is somewhat stable. Beavers the live in lakes and also rivers have actually a fairly stable water level every year around which makes life easier. However, beavers that live in little streams room risking that the water level is lower during a dry season. Thus beavers that live in little streams often build dams to produce a human body of water, a pond or also a tiny lake. This dam is built of branches, twigs and also mud.

Why execute beavers reduced down trees?

Beavers often reduced smaller trees and seedlings yet they likewise fell bigger trees. An adult beaver can, over one night, use its teeth to cut down a tree the is 50 centimetres in diameter.They often cut approximately the trunk off the tree yet leave the tree standing to wait because that the wind to perform the rest. Once a beaver fells larger trees it is mostly to reach the diluent branches in ~ the top. They feeding on the leaves, shoots and also bark and they likewise use the larger branches as structure material for lodges and dams.

Do beavers eat fish?

No, they don’t eat fish, they are vegetarian. Beavers mainly eat leaves, bark, herbaceous plants and aquatic plants. Beavers do not hibernate, however during Winter when their food sources are short they sleep and rest most of the time.

Hunted come exitinction

The european beaver is a species of beaver, i beg your pardon was when widespread in Sweden, however it was hunted to near extinction by the finish of the 1800’s.The critical beavers in Sweden were eliminated in 1871. It was pursued both because that fur and also for castoreum, a cheap of its scent gland thought to have actually medicinal properties.

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A effective reintroduction

Between 1922 and 1939 about eighty people were reintroduced right into Western Sweden native Norway. Because the reintroduction the Beaver populace has enhanced to an estimated 150,000 Beavers and also it is now returning to much of its previous range. The beaver population in Sweden is increasing.