In this quick guide, we will certainly answer the inquiry “How long deserve to cookie dough critical in the fridge?”, talk about answers to various other related concerns like just how to save the cookie dough to boost its shelf life and can cookie dough go bad.

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How long can cookie dough last in the fridge?

Cookie dough can last because that 2-4 job in the fridge, however this time structure is no specified. The time structure for keeping cookie dough in the fridge is not continuous and varies with particular factors including; the form of the cookie dough, the ingredients added to the dough, and also cookie filling.

The shelf life that cookie dough

In many cases, us assume that the date significant on the package of cookie dough is the expiry date, however, the is the best-by date. The best-by day is labeling to make you know that the quality of the cookie dough will be finest up to that date. The does not median that the cookie dough will be expired by that date, and you have the right to not consume that package the cookie dough.

As explained earlier, the shelf life that cookie dough is not continuous and different with several factors. So, you can not clues the shelf life. Because that the services of simplicity and understanding, us can generally divide the cookie dough right into 3 classes:

Regular old frozen cookie dough

Regular old frozen cookie dough is commercially produced and also found in the freezer section, yet it is not choose your break-and-bake format cookie doughs. You can expect this cookie dough to last around 1-2 weeks previous the best-by date. If you store it in her freezer, it deserve to last because that 9-12 months, giving you plenty of time to usage it prior to it goes bad.

Pillsbury cookie dough

Pillsbury cookie dough is supposed to last a little longer in the fridge than the continuous old frozen cookie doughs. This kind of cookie dough can stay for sure to use also after 2 mainly of the best-by date. That is better not to store this dough in the freezer section as the lasts just for 6-9 months.

Homemade cookie dough

If you room a true baker come the core and also know how to bake cookies from scratch, naught is an ext delicious 보다 a heat homemade cookie. Yet you can not store this kind of cookie dough because that a longer duration because the the fresh ingredients gift used and also no enhancement of preventive in the dough. Homemade cookie dough have the right to last for 3-5 work in the fridge, but it deserve to last because that 6-12 months in the freezer.

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How to keep cookie dough to boost its shelf life?

The shelf life of the cookie dough is also impacted by the warehouse conditions. If you desire to usage the cookie dough within a week or so, you can keep the in the refrigerator. However if you have actually prepared a big batch that cookie dough, climate you should divide the dough into smaller batches and store that in the freezer to preserve its quality and also taste.

While save the cooking dough in the fridge, the is recommended to save the dough in an air-tight box so that you deserve to prevent the humidity to seep in and also deteriorate the top quality of dough through encouraging the growth of microorganisms consisting of bacteria and also fungi.

For irreversible storage, you can keep the cookie dough in the freezer-suitable bag or container. Try to save the dough in the smallest container possible, so there is much less room because that the waiting in the container.

Can cookie dough go bad?

Cookie dough deserve to go negative due come the ingredient being provided in your making. Raw eggs are taken into consideration to be the main culprit in this regard. Raw eggs have the right to be the resource of Salmonella and E.coli based infections, which both have the right to be rather detrimental to your health. When the cookie dough is cooked, the threat of gaining an infection as result of these bacteria is decreased to a minimum. However, the eggs in conjunction v sugar, butter, and other ingredients deserve to go bad over time, and the resulting cooking can be unhealthy for you.

Signs that cookie dough has actually gone bad

The most apparent sign the helps you know that the cookie dough is not an excellent to be supplied is the microbial growth. If you suspect any kind of kind of mold cultivation over the dough, this method that this expansion is likewise being accompanied by specific bacteria. So, that is much better to discard such dough instead of taking hazard of your precious health. If you notice any discoloration in ~ the edges of the cookie, this means that the is no more an excellent to it is in used. Also, the rancid odor from the bad cookie dough helps you decision to litter away the dough.


In this short guide, us answered the question “How long can cookie dough last in the fridge?”, questioned answers to other related inquiries like just how to keep the cookie dough to rise its shelf life and can cookie dough walk bad.

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