Ham is something many people always like to have on hand. In fact, it’s simple to overstock it and wonder if it will certainly last long enough to get consumed in time. I have done the research for you and will call you specifically how long ham will last in the frozen refrigerator or frozen.

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When refrigerated in ~ the recommended 40 ° F (4° C), uncooked ham lasts as much as 5 days, if frozen, 6 months. As soon as cooked, ham can be refrigerated as much as 4 days and also frozen for 4 months. Cured ham can be refrigerated approximately 7 days and frozen for up to 4 months.

How long Ham Lasts:

Ham TypeIn the RefrigeratorIn the Freezer
Uncooked Ham3-5 days6 months
Cooked Ham3-4 days3-4 months
Cured Ham5-7 days3-4 months
Source: USDA

The freshness of pork depends on numerous factors. These components include:

The type of hamHow it to be preparedHow the is sheathe or contained

The rest of this post will serve as a guide for describing just how long each major type of ham deserve to go there is no spoiling — and how best to store and preserve the different types. So, let’s take it a depths dive right into the details on the shelf life that ham.

How lengthy Will life Ham Last?

For clarification purposes, “Raw” ham includes:

Fresh ham- also known as an uncured. Raw ham, if that is fresh is merely a foot of pork that has actually not been cooked however at any point.Cured ham- Ham that is preserved with one of two people salt, potassium nitrate, nitrites, sodium, sugar, phosphates, sodium ascorbate, or various other chemical preservatives. Life cured ham may have actually been cooked in the process of curing.

But in the case of both fresh and also cured ham, it has actually not been heated cooked at home. They are, therefore, both considered raw.

How lengthy Uncooked Ham Lasts in ~ Room Temperature

Uncooked ham — fresh and also cured — have the right to be stored in the frozen fridge or freezer. That is no recommended that you leaving uncooked meat that any kind at room temperature for more than 2 hours, especially if uncured. Chilled in the fridge or freeze immediately, if possible.

How long Uncooked Ham lasts in the Fridge

Raw Ham- If ham is raw and also uncooked, it will certainly last in the refrigerator because that 3 come 5 days. The temperature in the fridge have to be no higher than 40 ° F (4° C), and also preferably 34 to 38 ° F (1 to 3 ° C).

Due come the temperature that fridges varying, ns recommend utilizing a Digital frozen fridge Thermometer if you are unsure about temperature and also humidity.


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How long Uncooked Ham lasts in the Freezer

Raw Ham- Uncooked will certainly last in the freezer because that 6 months, at constant temperatures listed below 0 ° F (-18° C).

How lengthy Will cooked Ham Last?

Cooked ham can be:

Fresh cooking (uncured) hamCured ham that has been oven-baked or cook in some fashion.

Usually, after heating, ham is served, and any leftovers space stored in the frozen refrigerator or freezer. The cooking ham may likewise have been left the end at room temperature after ~ heating.

How lengthy Cooked Ham Lasts at Room Temperature

If ham is cooked and then left out at room temperature, the is still an excellent within 2 hours. Simply keep in mind that at temperatures in between 40 to 140 ° F, bacteria can prosper rapidly.

After 2 hours, the ham will spoil quickly. It must be thrown away together bacteria can proliferate and render the meat unsafe.

How lengthy Cooked Ham lasts in the Fridge

Uncured cooking Ham- If ham is fresh or uncured, cooked, and refrigerated within 2 hours, it will last 3 or 4 days. Store pork in ~ no greater than 40 ° F (4° C).Cured cooked Ham- If the ham is cured, cooked, and refrigerated within 2 hours, it will certainly last 5 come 7 days. Refrigerate in ~ no higher than 40 ° F (4° C).Smoked Ham- acting ham have the right to be refrigerated up to 7 days and also frozen for as much as 4 months.Deli Ham- Unopened, deli have the right to last for as much as 2 main in the refrigerator kept at 40 ° F. As soon as opened, it will certainly last 3 to 5 days.

How long Cooked Ham large in the Freezer

Uncured cook Ham- fresh ham that has actually been cooked and also frozen in ~ two hrs will critical in the freezer because that 3 come 4 months. Save it under temperatures of 0 ° F (-18° C).Cured cooking Ham- The same kind of cured and cooked ham will last 3 to 4 months if frozen within two hours. Freeze consistently at 0 ° F (-18° C).

How lengthy Thawed Ham will Last

If you space thawing frozen ham the has currently been cooked, it will last 3 come 4 work if thawed in the refrigerator. If the frozen cook ham to be thawed in the microwave or thawed making use of cold water, it must be eaten as shortly as possible.

How Long have the right to You Eat Ham after ~ the Sell-by Date?

As per the USDA, the is no recommended that ham be spend after the use-by date. However, if you have actually frozen your ham then it might be safe to consume fine after the use-by date. Also so, girlfriend will desire to use typical sense and also inspect it carefully prior to consuming.

How come Tell If Ham has Gone Bad

Here space some means to tell if your ham has actually gone bad:

Color- Uncooked ham is commonly a irradiate pink come beige color. If it is green, black, brown, gray, or is moldy, it has spoiled. Cooked ham, if spoiled, will additionally have a dull appearance, and its color will have actually gone from light pink come gray.Smell- Uncooked ham must not smell rotten or rancid. If that does, it has actually spoiled and should be thrown out.Texture- for cooked ham, if it has a slimy structure or is sour-smelling, it has actually gone bad.

How To effectively Store Ham

Ultimately, the shelf life of ham will rely a lot on even if it is or not it is save correctly. The many important crucial is to use airtight storage and freeze it if you don’t plan to consume the in the next few days.

The Best way To save Raw Ham

To store raw ham in the refrigerator, save at temperatures in between 34 and also 38 0 ° F and also in the fridge’s coldest area. If that is cured and packaged, it have to be okay within its expiration date.

If the is fresh (uncured) and also in the refrigerator, try to leaving it in its initial packaging. If that leaks, shot to wrap that tightly through plastic pave or in one airtight container or bag. The idea is come cover ham tightly, exposing it come as small air as possible. However, the sooner the is cooked, the better. If the shows indications of spoiling, litter it away.

Freezing life ham have to be excellent as shortly as possible. That is possible to leave fresh pork in its original packaging, yet even far better to wrap it tightly in freezer wrap, a freezer-safe container, or freezer-safe bag. Usage a double layer of plunder to avoid air and also moisture indigenous entering. Again, store at a consistent temperature listed below 0 ° F.

The Best means To save Cooked Ham

To save cooked ham in the refrigerator, keep within two hrs of cooking. Usage shallow airtight containers. Alternately, plunder tightly v heavy-duty foil or freezer wrap.

To save cooked ham in the freezer, store within two hours of cooking. Wrap tightly through freezer wrap or a freezer-safe container—place in a freezer through a continuous temperature that zero levels Fahrenheit or less.

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Final Thoughts

If you are like me, you probably tend come buy meat based on what happens to it is in priced the ideal at the current moment. This can lead to buying a little too much of any type of one form of meat. Last month, for me it to be ham. In fact, I finished up to buy a deep freezer so the I could fit all of it right into storage.

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No issue what your factor for wondering about how long ham lasts, i really appreciate you preventing by for awhile. And, if you take place to be in the industry for lengthy term emergency food solutions, i recommend mine Patriot Supply.