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If you lugged home farm-fresh cherries home or if did you do it bought lot of of them, you can be wondering exactly how long will those cherries last. Well, you’re in ~ the appropriate place.

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In this post, we’ll not just share the shelf life of this delicious fruits v you, but likewise discuss top top some excellent tips to tell if the cherries have actually gone bad and also how to keep them properly.

Do cherries go bad?

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Fruits space perishable, and cherries space no exception. It goes bad, and if no stored properly, that goes bad rapidly. So, if you’ve stocked up on cherries, you have to know exactly how long lock last and most importantly, how you have the right to store them because that longer.

Fresh cherries space absolute bliss to her tastebuds. But there are many other ways you have the right to store cherries for longer and also enjoy them even after a year.

If you frozen them, the freshness continues to be for up to a year. And if you dry or have the right to the cherries, girlfriend will gain to enjoy an also stronger odor of cherries every year round.

How lengthy do cherries last?

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Cherries are highly perishable and go bad in around 2 main or lesser also when refrigerated. If you keep it in ~ room temperature, also 2-3 job of storage might an outcome in mold development if not stored properly.

If you to wash the cherries and also leave lock on the countertop, the enhanced moisture content might result in mold development and spoilage much earlier.

Moreover, by save on computer the cherries in hot places of her pantry or in areas where straight sunlight hits the cherries, the spoilage process might accelerate.

Nevertheless, over there are many long-term cherry warehouse options easily accessible for you. You can freeze her cherries and also save castle for up to a year. If friend love the flavor explode of dried cherries, drying the cherries is also a good option for lengthy term storage together dried cherries critical for about 6-12 months.

Finally, if you desire to keep your cherries because that the longest time, friend should definitely can them. ~ canning the cherries, the cans room sterilized properly, which guarantee the longevity the the cherries.

Moreover, street syrup used for canning the cherries additionally acts as fantastic preservative. Once opened, canned cherries should be refrigerated and also should it is in consumed in ~ 5-7 days.

At room temperatureIn the refrigeratorIn the freezerDried cherriesCanned cherries (Unopened)Canned cherries (Opened and also refrigerated)
Cherries2-3 days1-2 weeks1 year6-12 months1-2 years5-7 days

4 advice to call if cherries have Gone Bad

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There room various methods to tell if the cherries save in your pantry or the refrigerator have actually gone bad. Girlfriend don’t must taste the cherries to find out, together these physics indications are sufficient to litter the cherries out.

1. Texture, color, and also leakiness:

Fresh and top-quality cherries room shiny, plump, and firm. So, if her cherries are soft and mushy to touch or if juices are leaking the end of them, they have actually gone bad. Wrinkled cherries might also not it is in fresh enough for you come eat.

Moreover, an alert if the cherries are discolored. The visibility of noticeable changes indicates the the cherries have actually lost your freshness and might possibly have actually gone bad.

2. Mold growth:

If you notification white or black color colored mold spots in the cherries, you do not do it eat them. Often, the stem need to be the an initial place you should inspect for mold growth.

3. Turn off smell:

Sour or fermented smells indigenous cherries indicate that the spoilage has begun. Or, if you an alert any turn off or unpleasant smell coming native the cherries, girlfriend should absolutely trash them appropriate away.

If friend sniff moldy cherries too close, you can end increase sniffing molds, which might reason allergic or respiratory problems. So, make sure you sniff the cherries from a for sure distance.

4. Examine for maggots:

You should be mindful of this tip, even if did you do it just carried fresh cherries home. Make certain to check a few cherries for white worms inside. If there happens to be any, make certain to rip apart and check each cherry prior to you eat or store them.

6 advice to save cherries

Throwing far a bagful of negative cherries can be really painful. To save you from such situations, we’ve gathered some excellent cherry storage tips because that you.

1. Do not to wash the cherries uneven you’re all set to eat them:

Molds and spoilage bacteria love moisture. So, if girlfriend don’t setup on eat the cherries best away, don’t wash them either.

2. Remove negative cherries beforehand:

Before save on computer the cherries, make certain to filter negative ones out. Moldy cherries can introduce much more contaminants and moisture to the entire batch and also end up damaging it. So, prior to you prepare the cherries for storage, constantly remove the negative cherries.

3. Save the cherries in the refrigerator:

Cherries love chilling temperature. Refrigeration is the key to keeping your cherries fresh because that long. If you leaving the cherries at room temperature, cherries tend to shed quality rapidly. Thus, if you want to reap your cherries for longer, wrap castle in a plastic bag and also pop them right into the refrigerator.

4. Dry the cherries:

Drying cherries can be a really good storage alternative if you have bought lot of of cherries or carried a bagful the them straight from the farm. Drying cherries doesn’t need much tough work either.

Wash the cherries thoroughly. If you desire to grab a handful of dried cherries and also eat them without disturbance, remove the stems and seeds before you dried them.

If it doesn’t bother you, you have the right to dry the cherries without removing stems and also seeds. Finally, great the cherries in a tray and dry castle in the sun, an oven, or a dehydrator.

If you want your dried cherries to be moist, you deserve to soak them in sugar syrup overnight prior to drying them.

5. Deserve to the cherries:

An excellent way of keeping cherries is to can the cherries. Street syrup is most commonly used for preserving cherries together sugar acts as great preservative. Unopened canned cherries can last you because that a year or two.

Removal the the stems and seeds the the cherries before preserving them could prove to it is in a an extremely thoughtful idea due to the fact that doing for this reason will allow you come store much more cherries in a jar. Always follow a appropriate canning guide if you planning top top canning cherries on your own.

The just downside of maintaining cherries this means is that the cherries might come to be too sweet if you maintain them in street syrup. However, if you have a sweet tooth, this technique of storage can be the best one for you.

6. Freeze the cherries:

Freezing the cherries is another excellent technique for permanent storage. Frozen cherries are fantastic for do smoothies or because that sprinkling some in her baking recipes.

Moreover, freezing the cherries doesn’t change their flavor and quality for as much as a year. So, if you setup on save the cherries for yes, really long, freezing have the right to be one of the best options for you.

The danger of consuming Expired cherries

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Consuming any type of expired food comes v a risk. In the situation of cherries, the danger is even greater as they are very perishable. You deserve to safely consume frozen, dried, or box cherries for a fairly long time, even past their use-by date.

However, if you notice any signs of spoilage, you should absolutely steer clear of them. Spoilage bacteria release plenty of toxins and, thus, could make girlfriend sick.

Likewise, moldy cherries room no different. Molds develop a specific form of toxin called mycotoxin.

These toxins are well-known to reason various respiratory issues and also allergic reactions in some individuals. So, if friend see any type of mold clues in the cherries or if the odor is moldy, litter them away.

Can you freeze cherries?

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Frozen cherries can last you as much as a year. If girlfriend love having actually smoothies, add some frozen cherries come the recipe, mixed or unblended, and you’ll uncover its magic.

What’s more, freezing cherries is incredibly easy. Wash the cherries thoroughly and also remove stems and also seeds beforehand, such that you deserve to directly add frozen cherries come the recipes. When the cherries space dry, spread them onto a tray and freeze them for a few hours or overnight.

Collect the frozen cherries in one airtight freezer container or a zip-loc and also store lock in the freezer. You can likewise submerge the cherries in thick street syrup and also freeze them.

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The next an approach of freeze the cherries is even easier. You can simply cloak the cherries v powdered sugar and then frozen them. Adding sugar to the cherries prior to freezing lock will assist cherries last even longer.


If you monitor a suitable storage method, cherries could last you whole season. Or, if friend love fresh cherries, refrigerate them and finish the batch within a week. Thus, storage must never be a limitation because that you to gain cherries together they taste heavenly one of two people way!