10 MINUTE RECIPE for The BEST boiled hot dog cooking recipes ever! I’ll display you just how To Boil hot Dogs!

Make Your own Steaming Hot, Rich, Flavorful and Homemade top top a perfect Toasted Bun once you recognize the mystery to perfect Cooked How come Boil warm Dogs!

Perfectly cooking Homemade hot Dogs on a break-up Bun

This cooking recipes is EASY and also FAST! READY in 10 MINUTES!Works because that ALL warm DOGS!

Here’s exactly how To Boil warm Dogs….

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Pour 1 Quart that Water into a sauce pan (4 Cups) and set the burner on HIGH. Use approximately one 8 dog package because that this amount of water.


Using fresh Clean Cool Water to boil hotdogs


Hot dogs come to be curved a little when you cook them this way.


Full rolling Boil

Frequently Asked inquiries (FAQ’s)

How long to Boil hot Dogs

Bring tiny saucepan to fill halfway through water to simmering boil on high. Add hot dogs to boiling water. This will prevent boiling, however leave heat alone, it will certainly boil again. Once water return to boil, hot dogs will heat through in about 5 minutes.

Are hot Dogs Already totally Cooked?

Yes, all hot dogs are totally cooked when you purchase them native the store. Lock are totally safe come eat best out of the package.

HOWEVER, that is BEST to fully cook the warm dogs due to the fact that there have been some instances where Listeria establishes after packaging.

What’s in a warm Dog Anyway?

Here’s an interesting article about how hot Dogs are Made, if you are curious!

How long To Boil warm Dogs?

If the warm dog is frozen: 8-10 minutes.If the warm dog is simply refrigerated: 5 minutes

How carry out You chef Hot dog Without A Grill?

When you execute not have actually a grill, boiling hot dogs is the very finest way to chef a warm dog!

Do friend Boil hot Dogs prior to You Grill Them?

You DO NOT have to boil warm dogs BEFORE you grill them.

Hot dogs space already completely cooked, when you grill OR boil them, you are really simply heating lock up.

How long Are warm Dogs an excellent For?

Once the parcel is opened, warm dogs are great for about 5 job as long as you save them in a sealed package in the refrigerator. When warm dogs have been cooked, they will save for about 5 days as lengthy as you store them in a sealed package in the refrigerator.Don’t let hot dogs sit out unrefrigerated for much more than 2 hrs at a time.

What’s the Best method to Reheat a warm Dog?

The best way to reheat a hot dog is come wrap it in aluminum foil location it in a 350 oven for about 10 minutes. You can also, reboil the warm dog because that 5 minutes. Warmth in the microwave because that 1 minute in a key of water, repeat because that 30 sec intervals till boil through. Grill because that a few minutes.

Can ns FREEZE warm Dogs?

Yes, you have the right to place the whole package as purchased from the save in the freezer for up to 3 months. You can likewise freeze cooked warm dogs in freezer for sure containers for approximately 3 months.

Can ns BOIL a FROZEN hot Dog?


just put the frozen warm dogs (even if they room stuck together) in the water, monitor the directions below for how to boil warm dogs and allow an extra 5-8 minutes of full strength boiling.

How lengthy To cook a Frozen hot Dog?

Frozen warm Dogs will must boil 8-10 minutes at a full boil to completely defrost and heat through.

How come Defrost a Frozen warm Dog Quickly

You deserve to simply put the frozen warm dog into the pan to boil and it will defrost together it heats up. If you setup to grill or chef your hot dog one more way, then to defrost your warm dog, ar it in a zip lock form bag and allow it to float in luke heat water in a key in the sink till thawed (about 20 minute or so).

Six customs Plump Frankfurter in a skillet toasted bun. Perfect because that camping!


Toast the Bun

Split the bun.Paint the inside and outside through melted butter.Then broil in the stove under the broiling it spins toasted on one side, flip and also do the other side.

Add an ext Flavor to the hot Dogs:

Doing ONE or BOTH of the FOLLOWING..

Add much more flavoring to the water you boil in.Add much more toppings and also ingredients come the completed warm Dog.

To ADD much more FLAVOR come the WATER, try…

Boil the hot Dogs in THIS BEER Recipe…

Pour one totality beer into a sauce pan( your choice of seasonings – choose one the you personally like).

Then add..

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1 Cup that water½ a stick of butter (4 Tbs).2 Tbs hot Sauce1 tsp garlic powder2 tsp onion powder1 tsp lemon juiceSet this on medium high, include the hot dogs. Allow to involved a simmer. Cut the heat earlier to tool when simmering. Simmer because that 5 minutes climate drain and also serve.

Boil the warm Dogs in Flavored Broths

Chicken Broth,Vegetable BrothBeef Broth

boil the warm dog in a can of beef consume mixed with one have the right to of water.

What to put ON the warm Dogs…

Of course, there’s the obvious…

Ketchup,Mustard,ChiliSlaw, OnionsSauerkraut

But what about….


What have the right to I serve With hot Dogs?

Hot Dogs room PERFECT with a Garlic Dill Potato Salad, Lexington format Red Slaw and also some perfect cooked Hamburgers

and don’t forget to have some delicious southerly Sweet Tea!

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