While everyone desires to watch healthy and also be thin, the reality is that many of us space at least a little bit overweight.

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The pressure to be thin has actually made us shot everything from diet pills to shakes come some really extreme diet to plan (anyone psychic the grapefruit diet?)

Unfortunately, one of the worst possible ways friend could shot to melted some pounds would be to avoid eating. Return many civilization claim the it is works wonders, that is horrible detrimental to your health.

Want come know just how to lose weight properly? save reading!


What If You stopped Eating

Let’s take a look in ~ what actually goes ~ above inside her body if friend quit eating.

Most human being will start to feeling seriously hungry after around 6 hours. You will also start to get cranky and angry at just about everything. You will certainly now start to enter a state dubbed ketosis, which way that her body will begin to failure your fat to usage as energy. Nothing think “Yea!” Keep reading Your fat will certainly be turned into long chain fatty acids. Unfortunately, your mind cannot usage these fatty acids as food. Your mind will uncover some brief chain fat acids to use as food from your fat, yet it’s not getting everything it needs. Now that your mind is only getting about 75 percent the what it needs to save going, for this reason you space going to suffer from miscellaneous called brain fog. After ~ 72 hours, your brain will be unhappy through this arrangement, so it will begin to break down protein in your body so that the brain can role normally. Where is it obtaining this protein? her muscles, mainly. Your mind has now come to be a cannibal in an attempt to keep you going. Her body will currently attempt to save energy, thereby, not using so numerous calories, by shutting under unnecessary attributes such as the expression cycle, and spending an ext time sleeping. Your sex drive will be the following thing to make a hasty exit. Her body will have actually no power for this and it should seem pointless in make the efforts to do a new life if there isn’t sufficient food come sustain your own life. Females will shed a good deal of mineral from their bones, bring about them to become much more fragile and also susceptible to breaks or fractures. After about 2 weeks, your immune device will run out power due to lack that vitamins. This pipeline you delicate to virtually every condition on the planet. Depending upon your size, famine can kill you in as little as 3 weeks, v many world dying from love attacks. Those who are very overweight might make the as lengthy as 70 come 80 days, if they don’t dice from a weakened heart or from a an illness before lock reach the stage.

Weight Rebound

If friend watch television at all, possibilities are the you have seen "The best Loser" or "Survivor", where human being lose anywhere between 20 and 200lbs. This is done through a starvation diet and some pretty extreme exercise program.

The trouble is that almost all of these people, when the show is over and they go back to their regular lives and normal eating pattern, gain back the load they lost. Some even gain extra weight together well.

Take a look in ~ Survivor Australia competitors who to be living on "nothing yet rice and also beans". The Survivor Australia contestants, Kat Dumont, Phoebe Timmins and Rohan MacLaren have actually revealed they lost over 60lbs between them in a brief 21 job! However, after leaving the display they every gained ago the weight.

Phoebe Timmins shed 20lbs in 21 job on the show, Survivor Australia

Same thing happened on the series The biggest Loser. Contestant Ryan Benson, who lost 122 pounds top top the an initial show, then gained it all ago and more after return home! Ryan came under fire for publicly admitting the he starved and dehydrated self to the point that he to be urinating blood throughout the show.

The Necessities

However, we understand that some of you will certainly simply shot the famine route anyway. If girlfriend must, store reading and find out just how you have the right to do it and not endanger your health.

As us mentioned, when the human body is starving, you will certainly feel sick from lack of vitamins, mineral, and calories. Friend will start to look at emaciated as the muscles start to garbage away. The simple solution come this?

Give the human body just enough macronutrients and also vitamins and minerals that requires and nothing more.

Please note that this need to only it is in done because that a really short time. This is especially true if you are already in the short fat percentage range!

1) Eat many of Protein

Eating high protein foodstuffs such together lean cuts of chicken, beef, and turkey, will make girlfriend feel complete for longer

If friend don"t desire to watch your lean organization wasting far or come look emaciated, then eating sufficient protein is a must! by eating enough of high protein foods, such together lean cut of chicken breast, beef, and also turkey, you will certainly not just feel complete for a longer duration of time, yet you will decrease those hunger pangs.

Your body supplies carbohydrates for energy first, then fats, and also protein last. Through limiting your intake of carbohydrates, you have the right to still eat plenty of healthy foodstuffs that your body needs and will shed weight safely.

Your body demands protein to build, repair, and maintain muscles, consisting of the heart. Protein is no the body"s an initial choice because that energy, as it have to work twice as difficult to transform it right into energy.

You will must eat 0.6 grams of protein per pound of human body weight. So, if you weigh 150lbs, girlfriend will require 90 grams that protein. This amounts to just 360 calories.

2) Eat plenty of short Calorie Vegetables

Eating high protein foodstuffs such together lean cut of ham, chicken, beef, and turkey, will certainly make girlfriend feel complete for longer

Many vegetable are extremely low in calorie or high in water content. Eat fibrous vegetables, such as cabbage, celery, carrots, lettuce, and also cucumbers. For example, you could eat a kilo that cabbage and only rack up 200 calories.

Asparagus only has 27 calorie in one cup and lettuce just 5 calorie in a cup!

By eating her fill of short calorie vegetables, you will certainly not only feel full, however you will be offering your body the necessary vitamins, it needs (such together vitamins A, E, and C) and also important minerals your heart requirements each day, such as potassium.

3) Supplements

Take 5-10 (1000mg) fish oil soft gel a day

Since calories space so restricted, it is likely that you will certainly still be deficient in plenty of vitamins and also minerals, so it is a an excellent idea to take it a basic multivitamin for her health.

Another essential macronutrient that the body needs are EPA and DH Polyunsaturated fats! In various other words, omega 3 fat acids. Without this, the ratio in between omega 6 and omega 3 will be skewed which deserve to be harmful to your health.

How execute you obtain omega 3 fatty acids? The easiest way is via fish oil capsules or liquid. Take 5-10 normal toughness (1000mg) fish oil a day.

The Bottom Line

We dislike to sound favor a broken record, however starving yourself is bad for her health. That been displayed that those who starve themselves, not only regain the load the loss quicker than various other dieters, however they obtain extra weight on peak of it.

Intermittent fasting is one more issue entirely. We will talk much more about just how that works in our next article.

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Please keep the bigger photo in mind and be type to her body. Always check v your doctor before going ~ above any form of too much diet plan, such together the one discussed above.