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Jul 12, 2015, 6:40 to be EDT| 4 min read

Nintendo’s New 3DS XL assures 3.5 to 7 hrs of battery life, which is fairly a big range. These tips will assist you gain as much battery life as possible out of your 3DS, even if it is you’re gaming or it’s simply sitting in your pocket.

This advice applies to every models that Nintendo 3DS — new 3DS XL, new 3DS, 3DS XL, 3DS, and also even the 2DS. The new 3DS models have far better battery life than the original 3DS models.

Disable 3D

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The 3D attribute uses rather a bit of battery strength — as soon as it’s enabled, the 3DS needs to create and display two separate photos on the top screen. On the brand-new 3DS, the “super-stable 3D” feature uses your device’s camera come track her eyes and change the 3D image. This means that your 3DS has to carry out power to the camera when 3D is enabled, too.

You should see an additional hour or much more of battery life if girlfriend disable it. To disable it, simply slide the 3D depth slider at the appropriate side that the top display screen all the means to the bottom. When you desire to expand your battery life as much as possible, this is the feature to disable.


Lower Your screen Brightness

As with any type of portable device, the 3DS will certainly use more power as soon as its display screen brightness is higher. You deserve to lower your screen brightness to save power and also extend your battery life.


To do this, visit the residence screen, tap the settings icon at the top-left corner, and choose a lower brightness level under “Screen Brightness.”

The brand-new 3DS models market “Auto-Brightness,” i m sorry is allowed by default — they’ll instantly lower screen brightness levels when important by monitoring exactly how bright that is in your environment. Enlarge models will require you lower display brightness manually.


Activate Power-Saving Mode

You’ll additionally find a “Power-Saving Mode” choice in the setups menu easily accessible from the house screen. As soon as this alternative is enabled, Nintendo says you’ll acquire 10-20 percent more battery life from her 3DS:

“Employing a an innovation called ‘active backlight,’ this attribute ‘precisely controls the brightness the the backlight according to the brightness the the display screen being displayed,"” Umezu explained. “When the display screen as a totality is dark, the backlight itself it s okay darker, which conserves power.”

You should notification the difference after you allow this feature. The comparison will be lower and colors will be adjusted — whites become a bit more yellowish. Essentially, you’re gaining worse picture quality and longer battery life when this feature is enabled.


Disable Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi likewise uses battery life. You must use Wi-Fi when performing a system update, accessing the eShop, or playing multiplayer games. It’s also used because that StreetPass, which instantly detects and also exchanges data with other 3DS equipment as girlfriend walk roughly with the in her pocket or bag. However you may not care about those features. If you’re simply playing single-player games and also don’t care about StreetPass, girlfriend don’t require Wi-FI on every the time.

To disable Wi-Fi, visit the house screen, madness the Settings symbol in the top-left corner, and set “Wireless Communication” come Off. You have the right to re-enable it whenever you want to use a attribute that requires Internet access.


Avoid making use of Suspend and also Sleep Mode

Suspend and also sleep mode are advantageous features. Simply closing her 3DS’s display screen will placed it right into sleep mode, and also you can easily resume by opened the device’s screen. If friend close her 3DS while you’re play a video game — or ~ hitting the Home switch to return to the home display screen without closeup of the door the game — that game will continue to be suspended in the background.

These attributes use up much more battery life. In particular, some games — particularly ones that usage wireless multiplayer attributes — won’t totally suspend in the background and also will proceed running and draining battery power. If you won’t be coming ago to the 3DS soon, you might want to at least close the video game you to be playing before putting the console into sleep mode.

If you setup on getting ago to her 3DS soon, sleep mode can be helpful. On the various other hand, if you’re putting your 3DS in a bag because that a couple of days or girlfriend won’t be using it for another 12 hours, you can save part battery life by hold the power button down to fully shut down the 3DS.


Disable Sound

If you’re really hard up, disabling sound by slide the volume slider every the method down will certainly also allow you come squeeze a little more battery life out of your console.

Get a USB Cable and External Battery for less complicated Recharging

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Nintendo provides a proprietary charger for the 3DS. However, you deserve to actually charge your 3DS end USB — Nintendo simply doesn’t recommend it and also doesn’t carry out a cable for doing so. To do this, you’ll simply need to buy a third-party USB charging cable because that the Nintendo 3DS, choose this one.

This cable will charge her 3DS slower than the dedicated charger brick, yet it provides you flexibility. You can charge it almost everywhere USB strength plugs space available, whether that’s in an airport, on an airplane, or also from any laptop. If you acquisition an exterior battery pack that supplies a USB port, girlfriend can even charge her 3DS from that portable battery prefer you’d fee your smartphone or any type of other USB-charging device. It’ll allow you optimal up her battery if you’ll be away from power outlets for a while.

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Some companies develop third-party, unofficial expanded batteries for the Nintendo 3DS. These change the existing battery in your machine with ones v a bigger capacity, permitting you to video game for longer between charges. We haven’t experiment these and can’t necessarily introduce them — be certain to carry out your research when going because that this option. Aftermarket batteries don’t constantly work properly. And, if girlfriend do, be sure to buy prolonged battery designed particularly for your model the 3DS.

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Chris HoffmanChris Hoffman is Editor-in-Chief that How-To Geek. He"s written about an innovation for over a decade and also was a PCWorld columnist for 2 years. Chris has actually written for The brand-new York Times, to be interviewed as a an innovation expert on TV stations like Miami"s NBC 6, and also had his job-related covered through news outlets choose the BBC. Due to the fact that 2011, Chris has actually written over 2,000 write-ups that have actually been read practically one billion times---and that"s just below at How-To Geek. Read complete Bio »