DWI in north Carolina is a major offense. Impaired driving deserve to have lasting consequences. If convicted, a DWI arrest can an outcome in a irreversible criminal record, reason problems through your driver license, and may also make it difficult to find and also keep a an excellent job.

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The society stigma associated with allegations the NC DWI charges has tendency to it is in both comprehensive and pervasive. In the general public eye, it’s basic to stop “drunk driving” fees in large cities favor Charlotte or Raleigh or Greensboro, wherein there is fixed transit and options like UBER and Lyft.

That frequently isn’t a fair evaluate of people charged v DWI in phibìc Carolina, provided the legal traditional is no “drunk driving” but rather the substantially lower “appreciable impairment” and/or a BAC Blood Alcohol content of 0.08 or higher.

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In fact, the NC DWI laws do not describe the violation of impaired driving as “drunk driving” or “drunken driving.” You execute not need to be drunk come be judge of DWI in north Carolina. Indeed, you don’t also have come consume alcohol to challenge criminal charges because that impaired driving.

Recent changes to the phibìc Carolina Expunction Laws

“The north Carolina Expunction Laws have gone with what defense attorneys would accurately characterize as seismic move in the last few years. I’ve seen transforms to the NC expungement regulations that ns would have actually never intended in my 25+ year legitimate career as a Defense Attorney.” invoice Powers, Criminal Defense Lawyer Charlotte NC


The logic for an expunction is this: even allegations of criminal charges, both felony or misdemeanor, including “drunk driving” or “drunken driving,” carry consequences.

DWI in north Carolina plainly is no the same thing together “drunk driving.” Yet, the general public tho assumes you were drunk. The reasonable is the you deserve to avoid arrest for DWI (South Carolina DUI charges), with little effort.

Even the United says Supreme Court confuses impaired driving, as reported through the ABA American Bar Association newspaper in Birchfield v. North Dakota. Here is justice Alito’s opinion explaining DWI blood tests, find warrants, and also Constitutional rights:

“We conclude that the fourth Amendment permits warrantless breath tests occurrence to arrests for drunk driving.”

The learned jurist, concerned with the security of the Constitutional and also individual rights, i beg your pardon was eventually done in that details case, conflates being charged with DWI v being drunk.

What is Expungement in north Carolina?

Expungement or expunction (the terms are supplied interchangeably by defense lawyers) ad to having actually the document of criminal charges, and arrest for criminal fees (DWI in phibìc Carolina), purged.

What is the difference between DUI charges and also DWI charges?

An NC expunction destroys, by stimulate of the Court, a criminal record. The expungement of criminal fees restores the accused, under NC criminal laws, come the exact same status castle enjoyed prior to the school of criminal charges carried through UNIFORM CITATION, warrant, or criminal summons.

“There are notable exceptions, but if her criminal record has actually been expunged, you might truthfully, and also without the punish of perjury, deny criminal charges.” invoice Powers

** you re welcome consult through legal counsel. Commonwealth immigration laws and also NC criminal law N.C.G.S. 15A-151 space deceptively facility and might require disclosure that criminal charges, even those effectively expunged.

Unfortunately, many accused of a misdemeanor or felony fee mistakenly i think expungement is always available. The basic public regularly and incorrectly assumes:

They room entitled to an expungement of every criminal charges, felony or misdemeanor; and,The condition for an expunction is the i of time.

That is no the legislation in phibìc Carolina. In fact, the opportunity to expunge your criminal record in north Carolina is restricted and narrowly defined.

North Carolina basic Statutes set forth with specificity when an expunction is allowed and once criminal charges (including NC DWI charges) space not eligible for expungement.

Put simply, no everyone in the state of phibìc Carolina is eligible because that an expungement ~ NC DWI charges. That’s true as well for part misdemeanor or felony criminal charges in phibìc Carolina. It counts on the form of criminal charges, relative age of the accused at the moment of charges, and the disposition of criminal charges.

If default attorneys record a Petition through the Court , it is not automatic. Even if you victory DWI fees or allegations that DWI are dismissed by the Court (or prosecutor), the Petition is required.

What are 3 common Expunctions in north Carolina?Criminal Charges found NOT GUILTY verdict, Dismissal by the Court or ar Attorney1st offenders, non-violent charges, +15 year in the past1st offenders, under 18 or 22, depending on criminal charges

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Expunctions and Expungements in phibìc Carolina include, however are not minimal to:

Juvenile documents – N.C.G.S. Thing 7B-3200Non-Violent Felony – Under 18 - N.C.G.S. Thing 15A-145.4Misdemeanor Criminal charges – Under period of 18 - N.C.G.S. Thing 15A-145.1Non-Violent Criminal dues – N.C.G.S. 15A-145.5Not Guilty / dues Dismissed – N.C.G.S. 15A-146Is my long-term record clear?

The document is destroyed, consisting of the court file, charging paperwork, arrest photographs, police reports, video clip evidence, computer system records, and all documentation the criminal charges.

An NC expunction requires a Court Order, where the salesperson of Court and also the phibìc Carolina administrative Office that the court (AOC) space ordered by the referee to damage court records of the charges.

Expunction in north Carolina is different than “sealing” a record.

After expungement, a private document is retained (in Raleigh) documenting the kind of charge subject to the expunction, her name, and the instance numbers for all NC expunctions that have actually been granted. That record of expungement is not public.

perform NOT assume expunction or expungement in north Carolina is accessible in every circumstance.

But for a narrow collection of circumstances, expunction that DWI charges north Carolina cannot be granted by the Court. . .even if the judge wishes castle could administer relief.

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“That’s why it’s vital to retain a NC DWI lawyer to identify whether a legitimate or factual basis exists to challenge allegations of DWI. If convicted, and as the NC DWI regulations presently stand, expunging fees is problematic at best.” bill Powers, Criminal Defense Attorney and DWI Defense attorney Charlotte NC

Now is the moment to call.

Learn an ext about a NC DWI expungement. Speak to Bill strength at 877-462-3841. You may email invoice Powers at: Bill