Cabbage is a healthy and also inexpensive vegetables choice.It additionally tastes an excellent and have the right to be provided in many different ways. You can enjoy the spicy taste and also crunchy texture of life cabbage or the sweet of cooking cabbage. Right here are five great ways to have actually cabbage more often.

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Nutritional profile of cabbage

Here room some great reasons to choose cabbage more often.

Cabbage is a source of vitamin C and also fibre.Vegetables indigenous the cabbage family may help protect against certain cancers.

Try something new

A selection of cabbages grown in Ontario are accessible all year ring in the grocery store store.Try these in your favourite dishes.

Green cabbages are good for soups and stews.Purple cabbages are used frequently for pickled dishes and salads. Napa cabbage (also referred to as Chinese cabbage) is light green and has crinkled leaves. It’s an excellent for stir-frying.

Buying regional cabbage

You deserve to buy neighborhood Ontario cabbage almost all year long. Look for the Foodland Ontario logo or ask your save manager once shopping to know if your cabbage is in your ar grown. As soon as you buy regional food, you support farmers so they have the right to keep developing high quality, affordable food we can all enjoy.

Buy cabbage in ~ it's finest

Here are some tips because that buying cabbage.

Pre-bagged. Cabbage that is currently bagged and also shredded have the right to save friend time but it can additionally be much more expensive. Remember that even if the package claims that the cabbage is “pre-washed,” you should rinse it with cold water prior to eating. Use by the best before date.Head of cabbage. choose cabbage that appears firm and heavy for its size, with fresh, crisp-looking leaves that are tightly packed and aren’t wilting or blemished.

Tips because that storing cabbage

Wrapped strict in plastic, a head of cabbage will save for about two main in the crisper.Once cut, usage cabbage within 2-3 days.Cover and refrigerate cook cabbage within two hours of cooking and use within 3-5 days.If the cabbage is component of combined dish favor cabbage rolls, store extended in the fridge and use within 3-4 days.Freeze fresh or cooking cabbage in airtight containers or freezer bags for 10-12 months.

Tips for food preparation cabbage

Remove outer leaves and rinse cabbage well.To store cabbage fresh, don’t cut it until just prior to you use it.To piece cabbage, cut the head into 4 quarters and cut the end the difficult stalk in the middle. Cut each quarter right into fine shreds. You have the right to microwave, shred, pickle, bake, steam, stir-fry or cook cabbage.

5 points to execute with cabbage

1. Simple steamed cabbage

Here’s how to make a straightforward side food of steam cabbage.

In a wide pan, include 2 tbsp (30 mL) every butter or non-hydrogenated margarine and water. Carry to a boil. Include 5-6 cups (1.25 come 1.5 L) shredded cabbage. Chef for a couple of minutes. Offer 4.

2. Coleslaw v a twist

Coleslaw is an easy, make-ahead salad with shredded cabbage and also a vinaigrette or creamy dressing. The variations are endless. Try these tasty additions to your favourite coleslaw recipe:

Add fruit: orange segments, julienned (matchstick size) apologize or pear, box pineapple tidbits, or grape halves.Mix in other vegetable combinations. Shot shredded jicama, peppers or beets.For lower-fat creamy coleslaw, change mayonnaise through low-fat yogurt.

Coleslaw will store for about 3 job in one airtight container stored in the fridge. It’s great for packed lunches!

3. Fresh feather rolls

Enjoy tasty restaurant-style “fresh” (not fried) feather rolls in ~ home.Use cabbage leaves as your wrapper or look because that egg-roll wrappers in the grocery keep freezer section.

1. Prepare the fillings. One quarter-cup of pour it until it is full is enough for every 22-cm (8 inch) spring role wrapper. Try a combination of:

Shredded cabbage and carrotsLeftover meat and options like cook chicken or tofu, cooked shrimp, sliced omeletteCooked rice noodles tossed v a tiny amount the rice alcohol vinegarHerbs choose chopped mint, cilantro or basil

2. Include filling come wrappers and also fold up favor burritos (follow package instructions).

3. Serve through peanut sauce.

Make-ahead tip: plunder fresh feather rolls in a dampened document towel and also place in an airtight container for as much as 6 hours. Cut in half before serving.

4. Rapid veggie-noodle salad

Enjoy this salad in the winter when crispy fresh greens are not in season. It’s also an excellent when you have to feed a big group or usage up leftover pasta.

Toss cook whole-wheat pasta with ready peanut sauce.Add broccoli florets, shredded cabbage and also carrots.Add lean protein (tofu, leftover cook meat, poultry, sliced omelette, and cooked shrimp). Height with chopped cilantro or green onions.

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5. Soup

Chunky vegetable soup is a delicious and also satisfying method to warm up on a winter day. It’s also great for utilizing up leftovers. Try diced cabbage in practically any soup recipe.