Cottage cheese comes with a shelf life of around two weeks and also usually lasts because that an extra 3 come 5 days past its “expiration” date.

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Once you open up it up, girlfriend get about 5 job to finish the dairy product. Maybe 7 work if you’re lucky.

Besides that, no issue if your cottage cheese is previous its date or not, you require to know the telltale indicators of spoilage. Mold and also a sour smell room the most famous ones, however there space others too.

Want to learn all about the storage, shelf life, and also spoilage of head cheese?

If so, this short article is for you. Check out on.

Flavored head cheese in hand

How long Does head Cheese Last

Cottage cheese (unopened)Sell-by + 3 – 5 days
Cottage cheese (opened)5 – 7 days
The periods over are because that the best quality. It’s a dairy product therefore it could last a few days longer, yet just too it deserve to go negative much quicker.Unopened head cheese frequently keeps because that a pair of days after that sell-by (or best-before) date, and between 5 come 7 days as soon as you open up it. ~ a couple of days of storage, the separation will certainly be much more pronounced 보다 it was when you an initial opened the container, and that’s normal.

Cottage cheese normally comes through a sell-by date on the label. That date is a pretty great indicator of how long the dairy product should retain freshness, however it’s no an expiration date and isn’t around food safety.

Usually, cottage cheese have to keep for a couple of days an ext after the day on the label, however that’s around it.

Some head cheeses, particularly the flavored ones (like my blueberry-flavored one you have the right to see in mine photos), have some preventive added, and also they frequently last a pair of days more, however that’s an ext of an exemption than a rule.

Cottage cheese – opened container
Once you open the cottage cheese, it have the right to last for around a week in the fridge. Some producers even say the their cottage cheese continues to be fresh for approximately 2 weeks, however I wouldn’t count on that. I mean they do cottage cheese in single-serving-sized containers, not family-sized packages, because that a reason.

Plus head cheese is a dairy product, and like various other dairy commodities that aren’t well-off in fat (e.g. That cousin ricotta cheese), its quality deteriorates fairly quickly.

Surface of cottage cheese

Does head Cheese walk Bad? how to phone call If cottage Cheese Is Bad?

Like all various other dairy products, cottage cheese go bad. As soon as checking if her cottage cheese is bad or not, carry out the following:

Check the texture. If there’s a layer of water top top top, and also the rest is supervisor chunky (like it’s virtually solid), it’s time because that it to go. Tiny pockets that water are okay and expected.Look because that mold or any kind of other discoloration on the surface. throw it out if you watch any.Sits open up for much more than a week, or is more than a week previous its date. If that’s the case, let the go.

Most head cheeses are white, but some the them might be contempt yellowish indigenous the get-go. That’s normal and it depends on the cow’s diet and the time of year. Yet if her cottage cheese started out white and turned yellow after a pair of work of opening, discard it.

When it concerns texture, some separation is good (i.e., the cottage cheese is a little watery), and also you can fix the by stirring the solids and liquids together. However if the totality thing separated, that cottage cheese is spoiled.

If everything seems to be okay, offer it a taste and also decide based on that if it’s an excellent enough come eat.

Flavored head cheese after mix ingredients together

How to store Cottage Cheese

Store head cheese in the fridge, maybe in the far corner instead the the refrigerator door. When you open the container, make certain you seal tightly any type of leftovers and place them earlier in the frozen fridge as shortly as possible.

Like practically any various other dairy product (e.g., string cheese or cream cheese) you should store head cheese in the fridge.

To store the fresh of this dairy products treat because that longest, let it sit in the far corner of the refrigerator. The refrigerator door is whereby the temperature changes often, so that’s not a great place because that cottage cheese.

Leftover head cheese in a container
Once you open up the package, make certain you close the tightly prior to you put it ago into the fridge.

Since most cottage cheeses come in plastic containers the aren’t resealable, you need to come up with one more solution. Moving the dairy product into an airtight container or the initial package into a freezer bag space two environment-friendly options.

If girlfriend don’t have either ~ above hand, plastic pave or aluminum foil and a rubber band will do the trick too.

If you arrangement on consuming or utilizing the remainder of the cheese in ~ a day, you can leave that in its initial packaging. But that will work-related only if friend don’t have any type of foods v a strong aroma in her fridge.


Cottage cheese conveniently picks up odors, and you absolutely don’t desire to eat cottage cheese that smells like sausage.

Here’s exactly how you can store opened cottage cheese:

A pair of methods to store leftover head cheese

Can girlfriend Freeze cottage Cheese?

Like with plenty of other dairy product products, e.g., buttermilk or kefir, freeze is a possibility, but it come at a cost.

Cottage cheese has tendency to separate and become watery after ~ thawing. That’s why producers recommend that you shouldn’t freeze head cheese.

Sure, few of that separation can be fixed by stirring the product, however the resulting structure won’t be all over near the initial one. Because of that, frozen head cheese works only in sauces, casseroles, soups, and also other cooking dishes.

If you’d like to read more about freeze this dairy product, I wrote an article that details the procedure of freezing cottage cheese. I also have a guide on freezing ricotta, i beg your pardon freezes noticeably far better than cottage cheese.

FAQs around Cottage Cheese

Below girlfriend can find a pair of extra inquiries related to head cheese that ns didn’t answer directly above.

How long have the right to cottage cheese sit out?

Cottage cheese deserve to sit in ~ room temperature for up to 2 hours. If it’s the end for longer than that (e.g., it to be accidentally left the end overnight), discard it. For food safety and also best quality, store your head cheese refrigerated at all times.

Yes, as lengthy as the doesn’t show any signs the spoilage and you kept it refrigerated the entirety time. Also, make sure it’s just a week, possibly a week and also a half, past its date. If it’s older 보다 that, ns recommend friend toss the out.

There isn’t an exact period, however a main to possibly a week and a fifty percent is a an excellent estimate. The course, some cottage cheeses (e.g., flavored ones) usually save for much longer than others.

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If the day doesn’t scare you, open up it up and see what’s inside. If over there aren’t any clear indicators of spoilage, and the high quality seems to be great enough, feel complimentary to eat it.