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How to keep fresh mozzarella cheese? This is a inquiry that I typically hear from civilization who have little experience in using this famous Southern Italian cheese.

Imagine this scenario--- friend buy new mozzarella cheese in the grocery. However when you get home, friend realize that you can’t chef eggplant parmesan since you forgot come buy eggplant! and also for some reason, you won’t be able to go to the store in the next couple of days.

So what would you perform with your fresh mozzarella? let me help you.


a key of new mozzarella ~ above the table

You may think the checking the use-by day is the best method to phone call if the cheese has gone bad. However this is not constantly the case. The best-before date only tells you just how long the mozzarella have the right to maintain its freshness and also optimum quality.

There are various other tell-tale signs that mozzarella cheese has actually gone bad. The odor is one great indicator. Fresh mozzarella has actually a light, mild scent. If the cheese smells like sour milk, then it is very likely that it has expired.

You can additionally rely on your feeling of sight. Look for traces the mold top top the cheese. Mold is usually colored blue and also green, so girlfriend should be able to find them as mozzarella cheese is fancy white.

You can likewise taste the cheese to check if it still fresh. Don’t concern as a tiny amount that stale mozzarella won’t do you sick. If the cheese tastes bitterness or sour, climate you must discard it appropriate away.


Just like any other food, mozzarella can perish if not effectively stored. But we all recognize that mozzarella is incomparable to various other cheese when it involves taste and also texture. Thus, you must follow my tips to ensure the you can expand the shelf life of her fresh mozzarella.

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