Summer or winter, there’s constantly a way to accidentally freeze her beer. We did some research and also here’s what we can tell you about frozen beer, and also what you have the right to do to prevent your beers native freezing.

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By The Beer Community top top Nov. 09, 2018


Have you ever heard the alcohol doesn’t freeze? Well, this is a well-known misconception. Alcohol actually does freeze! many alcohols, prefer vodka and rum, freeze in ~ temperatures roughly -114ºC – i beg your pardon is way colder than your usual household freezers and additionally why it’s a common belief that booze doesn’t freeze.

But what about Beer? go beer freeze? If so, in ~ what temperature?

Does beer freeze?

In quick – Yes, beer walk freeze!

What temperature go beer frozen at?

While basic to freeze her beer, knowing the exact freezing suggest can aid you protect against it native happening. The freeze temperature that beer will count on the alcohol content. Many beers (which selection from 4-6ABV%) will typically freeze at roughly -2ºC.

If you’re interested in calculating the temperature the your details beer will certainly freeze, a chemist on reddit common his formula in which you deserve to do so. We hope the makes more sense to you 보다 it did to us… We’re beer geeks, no math nerds!

How lengthy does it take for beer to freeze?

The sugars in beer also lowers the freeze temperature. You’ll notification a “beer ice cube” isn’t together solid as a pure water one would be. It comes the end as much more of a grainy, slushy, and also flaky ice. This is due to the fact that the street in the beer keeps the water in her beer from freeze completely. If your beer has actually a an extremely high alcohol percentage and sugar content, it will certainly take longer than the normal 2-3 hrs it takes for a an ext typical beer layout to freeze.

Should you placed your beer in the freezer?

While putting your beer in the freezer can aid it chill quickly, that is crucial to not forget about it! and also definitely, don’t save your beer in the freezer since a frozen beer can explode!

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Why does beer explode in the freezer?

As water freezes, it expands. Beer is 95% water, i m sorry means…a frozen beer has actually a 95% chance of expanding! Kidding, that’s not genuine math, however you have the right to be rest assured that together beer freezes, that expands. This also means the have the right to or bottle can burst because of the pressure accumulation as the ice expands. Not just is this a garbage of beer, yet you’ll finish up v some major cleanup, so avoid letting her brewskis freeze.

Can you rescue a frozen beer? What to do with a beer that has actually froze:

Did you leave your beer in the freezer too lengthy (Don’t say us didn’t warn you!)? Or probably you live in Canada and also accidentally forgot about that instance of beer in the stems of your automobile on a cold winter’s night. We acquire it… As much as us love beer, we understand that sometimes it is forget about.

Safety first though – if her frozen beer is in a glass bottle and the bottle broke…you’ve gained to toss the beer. It’s no worth the risk if even a tiny small shard broke cost-free into her frozen beer. Blahhh, it’s like a scene from saw *shivers*

If you regulate to record your beer while it is only slightly frozen, you deserve to put it in your refrigerator and save it because that later. This may slightly affect the flavour and also taste of your beer. If friend drink a partially frozen beer, be conscious that the beer will certainly now have a greater alcohol concentration. This is due to the fact that the frozen piece are mostly only water, leaving behind all the alcohol in her beer. go this just turn into a hack on how to up the alcohol percentage of your beer?

Fun Iced Beer Fact:This is how brewers do beer formats like Eisbock!

Eisbock is bock based on freezing, creating a portion of ice the is climate removed, concentrating the beer.

Another means you can use frozen beer is to do yourself a beer margarita! Take your beer slush, mix it with a lime margarita or lime concentration for a great way to cool turn off on a warm summer day. If you’re interested in do a beer margarita, the food network has instructions top top safe ways to freeze her beer.

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You can use her frozen beer in cooking as well. In many cases, friend won’t be able to tell the the beer you used in your recipe to be frozen and also then thawed. Inspect out some of our favourite recipes using beer, here.


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