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There is no basic answer come this question. Life cycles vary substantially between varieties and, of course, the development of the tadpoles is one significant difference.Tadpole life is often dictated by environmental factors. The is, conditions and also evolutionary pressures have adapted the" life-cycles to finest suit your surroundings. For example, types which live in arid atmospheres must have a an extremely fast tadpole advancement in order because that eggs to be laid in pools following rain and tadpoles fully develop before those pools dry up again in a matter of days, if i beg your pardon live by long-term water sources deserve to have a much much longer development.Another evolutionary alteration is the removed of part or every one of the "free-living" tadpole stage. Direct advancement is wherein the eggs are laid out of water and also the tadpoles happen their entire developmental duration on land, and also delayed development is wherein the eggs are laid on land and also the tadpoles enter the water in ~ a fairly advanced phase of development. Around one-quarter of Australian frog types use one of these methods.Even in ~ a solitary species, the moment taken because that tadpoles to build can vary. There space a variety of factors that identify this. One is the temperature the the water (within a comfort range, warmer water leads to quicker development). Another is the density of tadpoles - overcrowding leads to the tadpoles metamorphosing at a slower rate (and maturing in ~ a smaller size too). A tadpole deserve to require as much as 20 Litres of water for itself before it creates at its full potential.The last stages that metamorphosis are much less variable. Within two to ten days of the figure of prior arms, the tadpole will have end up being a "metamorphling" and also will be an ext recognisable as a frog.
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Some have occurred even an ext bizarre reproductive habits. The moment it takes frequently depends top top the supply of food. Many tadpoles can survive with very small food, but obviously an ext food = much more growth. The female poison Dart Frog (Phyllobates/Dendrobates) ensures she tadpole a for sure supply the water and food. Yes tadpole - most lay only one or two abundant eggs in ~ a time. Part lay them straight into a bromeliad, rather wait by the egg until it hatches then carry the tadpole top top their ago (it stop on with its mouthparts) to a bromeliad. Many then return every couple of days and deposit an unfertilised egg for the tadpole come eat till it metamorphoses. This" time cycle relies on how often she comes earlier and if she is eliminated or gets lost, the tadpole will starve.Also there"s the usual Frog or wood Frog in north America and also Canada - this one take away the cake for long reproduction periods. Among these sepcies can come to be frozen if in that tadpole stage. The is laid in the feather meltwater but the water is therefore cold it hardly grows. Some tadpoles take 3 years to develop into your adult form...

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