If you"re spring to drive to Alaska and also you"ve no done it before, you might wonder exactly how long it actually takes to drive all the means there indigenous the remainder of the unified States.

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It will certainly take between 6 and also 10 job to drive from the contiguous United says to Alaska relying on where you start from and based on driving for up to 8 hrs per day. The fastest possible drive to the Alaskan Panhandle can be done in 16 hrs 30 minutes.

Read top top to discover out exactly how long it take away to drive to Alaska and what factors can affect the steering time.



How lengthy it bring away to journey to Alaska from various parts the the joined States

The time required to drive come Alaska counts a lot of on where you begin from in the joined States. Beginning in Washington State or Montana, the journey will certainly be shortest at as little as 45 hours on the road, but if you"re setting off from southern Florida, expect to invest 2 main driving all the method across the joined States and Canada.

The reality is the you have to drive through a lengthy stretch of Canada where you"re coming from in the U.S. ~ above your means to Alaska. Even if you"re comes from southerly United States and have come drive through the whole country prior to you even get in Canada, you"ll be driving through an ext of Canada than you will certainly the U.S.

That"s a mighty long means to go!

I"ve listed 10 major U.S. Cities in bespeak of the least time the will take to drive come Alaska listed below - if girlfriend live in or close to one that these, the should give you a kind benchmark.

The steering time given below is in hours with a reality expectation for how countless days that will certainly take if you"re going to be driving for as much as 8 hours a day before taking stops into account. All distances are come Anchorage so if you"re going somewhere else in Alaska, it might take much longer or much less time to gain there.

Time taken to drive from different U.S. Cities to Anchorage, Alaska, assuming as much as 8 hrs on the road per day.Starting CityDistanceDriving Time
Seattle, WA2,260 miles43 hours (6 days)
Billings, MT2,631 miles46 hrs (6 days)
Denver, CO3,184 miles55 hours (7 days)
Los Angeles, CA3,395 miles60 hrs (8 days)
Chicago, IL3,580 miles60 hrs (8 days)
Dallas, TX3,896 miles66 hours (9 days)
Nashville, TN4,056 miles67 hrs (9 days)
Washington, D.C.4,278 miles71 hours (9 days)
New York, NY4,377 miles72 hours (9 days)
Miami, FL4,963 miles80 hours (10 days)

The trip from the contiguous U.S. Come Alaska is going come be long wherever friend start, yet if girlfriend live top top the east Coast, I"d seriously consider your options - the drive will certainly take friend 20 days if you"re planning to return for this reason you"d better have a an excellent reason because that opting to do it rather of taking a flight!

How long do the 4 routes to Alaska v Canada take?

Depending on where in the United says you start from, you"re most likely to drive to Alaska along among 4 various routes that each take a different amount that time to drive.

From the West Coast, you"ll monitor the path north indigenous Washington, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and other neighbor states will cross with Montana and also drive the length of Alberta.

For the bulk of the U.S., the fastest route to Alaska cuts v from phibìc Dakota if the inhabitants of Maine will find that driving throughout the Trans-Canada Highway is the quickest option.

The town of Sitka ~ above Baranof Island, Alaska, is not reachable by road.

2. The faster you deserve to drive from the lower 48 claims to the Alaska border in Yukon

If you"re going every the method through Canada to Yukon and also the key border crossing with Alaska, the journey will certainly be a fair bit longer.

The fastest option below is to begin in northern Montana and also cross the border into Alberta at the Piegan–Carway Border Crossing. The course will pass through Calgary and also Grande Prairie prior to doing the whole length that the Alaskan Highway indigenous Dawson Creek.

The 1,849 mile (2,976 km) can be covered in as small as 32 hours" worth of driving. Presume a minimum the 6 stops because that fuel, food, restrooms and also driver alters at 15 minutes each, the fastest you can drive native the U.S. To the main component of Alaska is 33 hours and also 30 minutes.

If you"re not planning on safety a day and a fifty percent straight inside her car and want to actually stop, sleep and also eat ~ above the way, you"ll require to permit at least 3 work to make the drive and that"s presume you drive all job from as soon as you wake up till you reach her hotel and also fall asleep.

A realistic minimum for the drive is 4 work which allows for 8 hrs on the roadway per day and also some time for rest in-between.

How lengthy will it take to drive native the Alaskan border come Anchorage?

Most of the early times us looked at affiliated driving come Anchorage, seeing together that is the most common an initial destination and also by much the biggest city in Alaska.

Getting native the Yukon - Alaska border come Anchorage is relatively straight-forward. The Alaska Highway proceeds from the border and the road is great all the means to Anchorage add to you gain perks like great cell and data coverage (which you might miss after driving v some remote parts of Canada).

Although the looks favor a short extra little bit on the map loved one to the as whole journey, it"s just over 400 miles from the border to Anchorage and also it"ll take it you the best part of 8 hours to make the drive.

If you"re planning your trip, the will include 1 complete day ~ above the road to any type of journey indigenous the U.S. Come Alaska.

I expect you"ve now got a much better idea of specifically how far Alaska is and also how lengthy it will take friend to gain there - don"t underestimate this lengthy drive and also make sure you prepare correctly for the long drives v the wilderness and the days you"ll spend on the road.

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