How lengthy does pumpkin pie critical in the fridge? does it even need to it is in refrigerated? can you frozen pumpkin pie? These can be questions you ask yourself throughout the holiday season, therefore let’s go over just how to keep pumpkin pie.

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Can You freeze Pumpkin Pie?

So, what do I do when my pumpkin pie is stored appropriately in the fridge, yet I’m no going to obtain to eat that in the next few days? i make space in the freezer.

Yes, that’s right, you deserve to freeze pumpkin pie! Pumpkin pie will freeze fine for approximately one month. I often make lot of pies once baking to save time later on on. Once the pie has fully cooled (usually it takes one and also a fifty percent to 2 hours) ns wrap the pie securely in food-grade plastic pave to keep in the freezer because that a later on date.

Aluminum silver paper orreusable beeswax wrapsare additionally a an excellent option. The score is to save the refrigerated air away from contacting the pie. Using two layers or a layer of plastic wrap and then aluminum silver paper over peak will certain the fresh of her dessert.

How to store Pumpkin Pie in the Freezer

Pies with custard fillings stand approximately storing in the freezer well. The affluent ingredients and the sturdy pie crust save their shape and texture under freezing conditions.

You can save yourself some time this holiday season through baking off half a dozen pumpkin pies and storing them effectively in her freezer. Then you’ll have accessibility to this season’s favorite homemade dessert any time friend feel prefer it!

For save both in the fridge or the freezer, you have the right to keep the pie in the baking pie pan, or move it come a food container v a sealed lid. The goal is come make certain the pie isn’t exposed to the air, ensuring the will continue to be fresh and also moist once you pull it out to eat again.

You have the right to slice the pumpkin pie into individual pieces if friend like.

I’ve excellent this before and froze the slices individually, wrapping each one to it is in air-tight. This means you deserve to pull the end one or 2 slices in ~ a time come defrost if you live alone or in a tiny household. They don’t organize their shape choose a pie that hasn’t been cut does, however if girlfriend aren’t also worried around looks, this won’t matter.

Double pack my pumpkin pie is my an approach for maintaining it together fresh together possible. I prefer to leave my pie in the pie pan so when it’s defrosted it can go straight right into the stove to warmth up again. Although, cold pumpkin pie is just as tasty!

Thawing out Your Pumpkin Pie

Now, you’re probably wondering exactly how to thaw pumpkin pie properly. Well, it’s rather easy come do and also pretty much a hands-off step!

When it’s time to traction my pumpkin pie out of the freezer, ns make sure I carry out so the day before I desire to consume it. Then, i make room ~ above a refrigerator shelf and let the sit. That’s it!

It will take at least twelve hrs to defrost in her refrigerator, so the is why it is essential to arrangement ahead. Uneven you’ve tried freeze the individual slices of pie, climate those will take much much less time to fully defrost.

If once your pumpkin pie is fully defrosted, you notice there room some imperfections top top the pie face, girlfriend can constantly dress it increase by baking somepie late decorationsor load it up v sweet, Chantilly cream.

One of the an excellent things around pumpkin pie is the it tastes simply as good cold straight from the fridge as it does warmth right the end of the oven! Remember, if you’re wondering just how long does pumpkin pie should be refrigerated, it will certainly last up to 4 days and also up to three months in the freezer. Though, eat it sooner fairly than later on will guarantee the pumpkin pie tastes its best.

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Enjoy very delicious Pumpkin Pie Leftovers

Now that you know all the steps to keep your pumpkin pie stored safely, the won’t issue if you have actually leftover dessert ~ these holiday dinners. Since learning just how to store my pumpkin pie recipes properly, I’ve been baking them more often, and not just saving lock for unique occasions.

Be certain to check out every thepumpkin recipeson the Yummy Mummy Kitchen database! I’ve got alternatives for gluten-free pie crusts, vegetable custards, and also pumpkin spiced lattes. Remember to drop me a comment on the recipe you love the most!