What You can Do through Cardboard

In the unified States, 90 percent of all assets are packaged and also shipped using cardboard, according to planet 911; and, as Annenberg Media reports, cardboard accounts for 41 percent of all municipal waste in the unified States. Only 25 percent it s okay recycled, which method that 75 percent of used cardboard ends up in landfills.

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"Thanks to mine mother, no a single cardboard box has found its way back into society. We receive presents in boxes native stores the went the end of business two decades ago."~ Erma Bombeck

How long Does it Take because that Cardboard to Decompose In A Landfill?

There are numerous factors that affect how long it takes because that cardboard come decompose. It can take years if it is packed tightly in sheets with small surface area exposed come the elements, as in landfills. In a residence garden, cardboard used as mulch – shredded and soaked through water – the cardboard have the right to decompose quite quickly and be totally broken down by microorganisms in ~ 3 months.

How to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Cardboard

If you’re wonder what to carry out with cardboard, here are a few great ideas…


Breakdance top top it! Yes, it’s true – you have the right to recycle cardboard by using it as a practice space for your dance moves. Inspect out the Vocal garbage crew’s breakdancing an abilities in this video!

Why Recycle Cardboard?

Sure, trees may be a renewable resource since we can constantly plant more, however the decomposition that cardboard releases methane – a greenhouse gas that contributes to worldwide warming. Also, the cutting down of tree destroys ecosystems, where birds, squirrels, and also other animals live. Furthermore, handling the pulp and creating boxes consumes energy and releases emissions right into the atmosphere.

For every these reasons, we must reduce, reuse, recycle – and…

“THINK… before we throw IT AWAY!”

Vocal Trashis a troupe of eco-friendly entertainers who have actually been engaging audiences v their unique and also exciting brand that entertainment because that a te from brand-new York to Seattle.

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Whether in Madison Square Garden or the Venetian Hotel and Casino, Vocal Trashis environmentally conscious using upcycled products on stage. The team asks the you"THINK… before you litter it away!"