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How long Is a soccer Game

A soccer game is 90 minutes long.

It consists of two equal periods, each lasting 45 minutes.

Between each duration there is a 15-minute interval.

This is what law #7 of the international Football combination Board’s “Laws that the Game” states.


Professional soccer is regulation by the international Football association Board.

Every year this reality adds, alters or updates the legislations of the game.

This is excellent to certain the security of players and also fans as well as make the video game as amazing as possible.

Law 7 pertains to the duration of expert soccer matches and also dictates the every video game is composed of 2 halves of 45 minutes — i.e. Every soccer game lasts 90 minute — plus additional time added by the referee, together needed.

If it’s a playoff match and the result at the end of the 90 minutes is a draw, the complement is prolonged into extra time. Extra time large 30 minutes and consists of 2 halves of 15 minutes.

(If after overtime the score is quiet a tie, there will be a punish shootout.)

How long do Youth Soccer games Last

Youth football leagues follow to various rules.

For example, the variety of players in every team have the right to be different (from the constant 11) and the variety of substitutions during a match can be higher (than the usual 3 allowed).

The stipulated game length depends on the different age groups.

Here’s exactly how the United states Youth soccer Association division it down:

Under-6: 4 6-minute quarters.Under-8: four 12-minute quarters.Under-10: 2 25-minute halves.Under-11 & Under-12: 2 30-minute halves. (Extra time: two 10-minute halves.)Under-13 & Under-14: two 35-minute halves. (Extra time: 2 10-minute halves.)Under-15 & Under-16: two 40-minute halves. (Extra time: two 15-minute halves.)Under-17, Under-18 & Under-19: 2 45-minute halves. (Extra time: two 15-minute halves.)

How lengthy do middle School Soccer gamings Last

Middle college soccer games usually last two 30-minute halves through a 5-minute break.

That duration may vary, however, from center school to middle school. In some of them they have actually matches consists of 2 35-minute halves with a 5-minute or 10-minute break.

If we’re talking about middle college tournament games game length can additionally be slightly different.

Matches deserve to last 2 20-minute halves with a 5-minute halftime, 2 25-minute halves through a 5-minute interval or also two 35-minute halves v a 10-minute break.

How long do High college Soccer gamings Last

The nationwide Federation the State High school Associations (NFHS), based in Indianapolis, Indiana, sets the rules the govern high college soccer games in the joined States.

While each state determines its own rules and also game length deserve to vary, high institution soccer games generally consist of two 40-minute halves totaling 80 minutes.

If yes a tie at the end of regulation play, what follows are two 10-minute halves that overtime.

How lengthy do Girl’s High institution Soccer gamings Last

A girl’s high school game is likewise 80 minutes in length, consisting of two equal halves the 40 minute or 4 quarters that 20 minutes.

The interval between the two halves or in between the 2nd and third quarters is 10 minutes in duration.

How lengthy do Women’s Soccer gamings Last

Women’s soccer matches critical the very same time as men’s football matches do: two 45-minute halves v a 15-minute halftime.

Women’s college football games additionally have the exact same duration.


In this write-up we learned just how long is a soccer game. The answer is typically 90 minutes damaged down into two 45-minute halves through a 15-minute interval add to stoppage time.

If there is a tie in ~ the end of the regulation play, the game can finish as a draw, or there can be one extra time of 2 15-minute halves (with no break between them) if this is a playoff match (or the competition rule state over there cannot be any draws).

If the an outcome is tho a attract when the extra time ends, there will be a penalty shootout to recognize the winner.

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We also saw that video game length is different from period group to age group whereby the youngest footballers pat the smallest amount of time; and, as they relocate to the next age group, the longer their soccer matches last.