For countless coffee lovers, coffee is infinitely much better when there’s a little coffee creamer mixed in it. So coffee creamers room a kitchen clip in numerous households.

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And often they are stored because that months in ~ a time, so sooner or later nearly every coffee whitener user wonders: walk coffee creamer go bad?

Or perhaps you’re drink coffee only occasionally, and you’re unsure how long a liquid creamer big after opened the container. Or if purchase one in powdered kind instead would certainly make much more sense.

Either way, in this short article we speak all around coffee creamers. Us go with storage, shelf life, and also spoilage. And also we sheathe both fluid creamer and also the powdered ones. So no matter which one perform you prefer, we got you covered.

But prior to we start, I wanted you to understand this article is specifically around coffee creamers (or whiteners). Due to the fact that of that, we won’t speak specifically about milk, fifty percent and half, or cream below.


How to keep Coffee Creamer

There space three renowned varieties of coffee creamers available. The first is the liquid creamer sold in fairly huge tetra packs and plastic bottles. The second is that mini version: the tiny sealed cups. And also the 3rd one is the powdered whitener. Let’s talk about the storage of each variety one by one.

Any creamers in plastic bottles and tetra packs uncovered in the refrigerated section are almost always dairy product whiteners. They typically consist of milk, cream, sugar, and also some flavoring. And because of your dairy content, they must be refrigerated at all times.

So just like you perform with half-and-half, when you carry such creamer home, you should put it in the fridge. And remember to save the container sealed when not in use.

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When it pertains to tetra packs and plastic bottles the sit ~ above shelves in supermarkets, most of them are non-dairy commodities (except crate evaporated milk). And as such, room temperature is perfectly okay for one unopened container. You have the right to store them one of two people in the pantry or in the kitchen, simply make certain they sit away from any type of sources of heat, e.g., the stove.

Once you open the fill or bottle, you must keep it refrigerated and also sealed tightly once not in use. Pretty much all such products are labeling “refrigerate ~ opening.” If you found a coffee creamer in the refrigerated section, it’s almost certainly a dairy products creamer and also should be refrigerated at every times.

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For mini sealed cups, things space even much more straightforward. Native the moment you purchase the package to the moment you open up a single cup, you deserve to keep them at room temperature. Again, simply make certain the parcel sits away from heat, and also that’s pretty much it.

Last but not least, the powdered coffee whiteners. They’re no various from various other powdered assets like powdered milk. Every you need to take care of is making sure the container is sealed tightly and also away from any type of moisture. That’s about it.

How long Do Coffee Creamers Last

Once again, let’s go one by one.

Dairy creamers offered refrigerated commonly come v a use-by or best-before date. And also while girlfriend can acquire away v storing an unopened container for around a mainly or two longer, that’s around it.

Once you open up the container, watch on the label for info on just how long it remains fresh ~ opening. If there room no specifics, you have the right to assume that it’s somewhere in between a week and two mainly tops.


For whiteners offered unrefrigerated things are rather similar. Castle come v a best-by date, and also chances are if you open up one that’s a month past that date, it’ll be perfect fine.

These creamers have actually some (or a bunch) or preservatives, so they last fairly a lengthy time unopened. As soon as you open the bottle, the liquid must retain high quality for around 2 weeks. Of course, inspect the brand to see if the producer gives any kind of specifics.


When it involves those tiny sealed cups, lock come through a date too. And also even if it’s a dairy products creamer, the shelf life is normally around half a year or more. These products don’t go poor easily, so even if the cup is a month or so previous the day on the label, it’s precious checking that quality.

Last however not least, powdered whiteners. Like spices, this don’t really go bad, yet they degrade in taste end time. The date on the label educates for how long the manufacturer expects the powder to keep top quality that’s an excellent enough come use. And you normally can obtain away v using the powder months past that date.

Dairy creamer (sold refrigerated, unopened)Use-by + 1 – 2 weeks
Dairy creamer (sold refrigerated, opened)1 – 2 weeks
Non-dairy creamer (sold unrefrigerated, unopened)Best-by + 1 month
Non-dairy creamer (sold unrefrigerated, opened)1 – 2 weeks
Mini coffee creamer cupsBest-by + 1 month
Powdered coffee creamerBest-by + 3 – 6 months

Please note that all periods over are approximates only.

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How to Tell If Coffee Creamer has actually Gone Bad

When it concerns liquid creamers, you need to watch out for texture adjust (clumps, liquid becoming chunky), smell change (sour or turn off odor), and also obviously, change in taste.

If you’re afraid the your creamer can be previous its prime, drink a teaspoon to inspect its taste. If it’s good enough, proceed using it. Otherwise, litter it out.

Besides those factors, clock the dates, particularly for opened up containers. If you already store a bottle or fill for more than 3 weeks, simply throw that out. Unless, that course, the producer doesn’t specify that it remains okay for such a long period.

When it involves powdered creamer, watch out for texture readjust and signs of mold. Yet unless moisture gained into the package, the powder need to be simply fine for years.

The best method to inspect the quality of a powdered creamer is to in reality brew a cup that coffee together a test.

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If everything tastes okay, then the powder is simply fine. If the odor is slightly turn off or merely not approximately your standard, discard the package.