It can just be subjective, but to me the nights seem to be much longer than the days. Barely have actually I gone exterior to collect part sand to make glass, or view if i can find that promising looking cavern again once night falls.

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Even with the clock to show me when it"s almost dawn over there doesn"t seem to be sufficient time.

Are there seasons in Minecraft and also can I intend to have actually longer work at some point?



As it has actually been stated, days room actually longer than nights. Here, have actually a diagram — however you"re not totally wrong! over there is a logical reason why job do feeling shorter.

Day and also night only issue on the surface, wherein it regulates crowd spawning. At sunset, there"s no lot on the surface. At sunrise, over there is however. By the time the night"s mob spawn is shed away by sunlight and it"s safe to go the end again, a sizable chunk of valuable day time will have gone wasted.

If we note with red the dangerous period of the day, with environment-friendly the productive period of the day and with orange the danger transitions between, we gain this:


So yes. While day is much longer than night, the productive period is actually shorter than the risky period. In a way, yes: night and also its practical effects are longer than day"s.

This is linked to why correctly lit mines are much safer and also much much more productive settings than surface ar is.

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Are the Nights much longer than the days?


No. "Solar Days" are 20 minute in complete with Daytime lasting 10 minutes, night time lasting 7, with 1:30 because that dawn / dusk.

Further detailed here.

So be sure -- it"s every in her head. :)

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I have just experiment it on my civilization using a timer and also it mirrors that the safe time lasts about 10 mins 30 seconds in between day and sunset, whereas mobs spawn and are active for 9 mins 30 seconds between night and also sunrise. However, the takes 20 secs for the mobs to burn ~ the day starts. This is collection on Difficulty: Normal.

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answer Oct 21 "19 at 9:14
Kelsie CotterKelsie Cotter
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No.The normal Minecraft day and also night consists of 33 minutes. The work time takes increase 20 minutes of the time. Therefore, night only consists of 13 minutes. Which method that the Minecraft work is much longer than the Minecraft night.

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Adrian WeaverAdrian Weaver
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There is only 20 min. Every day, and 7 min. At night, if you space unlucky, and don"t have actually a bed, you have actually to discover a method to endure the night far from all the mobs that generate at night..

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It all just depends ~ above the setting that you are on (Ex. Peaceful, Easy, common or Hard) The work will acquire shorter, and the nights will gain longer, depending on how far up the scale you go. Top top Peaceful, the nights and days will certainly be at same length, and also when you change the difficulty, the days will come to be a small less than what the nights will certainly become. Overall, a work in Minecraft lasts around 12 minutes, give or take it a few.

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