Obtaining a Bandos Chestplate is not an easy task, because of this your best an option to get stronger in OSRS, is to go for a Fighter Torso by adhering to this simple guide.

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Fighter Torso is known to it is in the 2nd best melee chest in the video game in terms of strength bonus. Obtaining it is no that easy, yet it’s cheaper than buying the 1st finest melee chest i beg your pardon is the Bandos Chestplate. That’s why the top players room willing to obtain it largely to begin raids.

To achieve Fighter Torso, girlfriend will have to participate in the Barbarian attack Minigame. Therefore in this guide, i’m walking to explain how come play it and what is required to attain the chest.

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How to obtain There

Using a Games Necklace will certainly teleport you right in former of the minigame. Friend can additionally use the minigame teleport, however it calls for you to obtain there without a teleport because that one time.


Rewards Shop, Old college Runescape

Switch come a Barbarian Assault world, then usage the ladder to gain downstairs and also run every the method to the north. Then relocate to the west to with the first room.

When you space inside the very first room, start in search of a team by stating the function you desire in chat. Otherwise, choose a scroll indigenous the table, choose your duty and use it ~ above the other players.

Note: if her team was dismissed throughout a higher wave, girlfriend can constantly run back to the very first room and choose come reset the wave.

Attacker Role

When the video game starts, use the Horn to contact for the color of the eggs the the Collector need to pick. Girlfriend will uncover which color you should call for in ~ the top right edge of the screen. If the Collector picks the dorn eggs, he will certainly take damage and lose points. After ~ that, walk every the way to the northwestern corner, wait because that the Collector to speak to for the attack style you should use, then attack the Fighters and Rangers.

If you select the dorn attack style, you will certainly deal no damage, 2 hitpoints damages will be dealt to you, and you will shed points. So focus and try to obtain the highest feasible points.

Defender Role

When the video game starts, usage the Horn to speak to for the type of rotten food that the Healer need to use to poison the Healers. Girlfriend will uncover which type you should contact for at the top right corner of the screen. After ~ that, walk in the direction of the device located close to the door, and pick food indigenous the blue slot. Then walk all the method to the northeastern edge and try to tempt the Runners to the trap situated there to protect against them from getting to the southern door.

To entice the runners, you need to wait for the Healer to contact for the type of bait you have to drop. Try to make a course of baits causing the trap.

Keep in mind the the trap will be broken ~ 2 kills, and you will have to fix it. In stimulate to fix it, choose the two logs and the hammer situated near the northern doors, climate go back and settle the trap.

Collector Role

When the video game starts, use the Horn to contact for the assault style that the Attacker need to use. Girlfriend will discover which attack style girlfriend should call for at the upper right edge of the screen. Wait because that the Attacker to call for the color, then collect as many eggs together you have the right to to get points. After the go to any kind of of the Cannons and also store the eggs there and also repeat. If you choose the dorn eggs, you will take damage and also lose points.

Note: Cannon is offered to kill any type of monster in the room, and you additionally use that to kill the Queen.

Healer Role

When the game starts, usage the Horn to call for the form of food the the Defender have to use. Go to the machine near the door, choose the poisonous food from the green slot.

After that usage the Vial ~ above the Healer spring on the left to fill it with water i beg your pardon heals allies because that 10 points as soon as you usage it on them. Wait for the Defender to call for the type of gift food you have to use on the Healers. Climate walk every the means north and also start making use of the gift food top top them.

The Queen

In this phase, the Collector will be act nothing yet calling because that the attack styles until the Queen appears. As soon as the Queen appears, the Collector will need to pick the 8 yellow eggs just which room dropped roughly the Queen.

The job of the Healer when the Queen appears is come heal anyone as fast as possible since the queen will be dealing high damage to everyone. The rest of the players need to stay near the Healer spring.

After choose the eggs, the Collector have to use lock on the Healer, i beg your pardon will move the eggs to the Healer’s inventory. The Healer will have to use the eggs on Poison Craters, then transport the eggs to the Attacker.

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The Attacker will add Spikes near the egg by picking the spikes very first from the Spiked Mushrooms. ~ that, he have to transfer the eggs to the Defender.