# that takes approximately 5 Bags of Portland cement, 8 cubic ft of sand, and 20 cubic ft of gravel to make about 1 cubic yard (27 cubic feet) that concrete.

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Click come see complete answer. Hereof, how many bags of concrete do a yard?

Refer to table below that shows the coverage of different sizes of pre-mix bags. On typical it will take 90x 40 lb bags, 60x 60 lb bags, or 45x 80 lb bags to fill one cubic yard that concrete.

Beside above, exactly how much concrete will a 94 pound bag of Portland cement make? One 94 lb. bag that Portland Cement makes 4.5 cubic feet of concrete. For thicknesses less than 2 inches and toppings, use: 1 part of Portland Cement through 3–4 parts of concrete sand or basic purpose sand.

keeping this in view, how numerous 80 pound bags that concrete does it take to make 1 yard?

an 80# bag that pre-mixed cement, sand and also gravel (CONCRETE) is 0.6 cubic foot per the bag. There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard. So 27 / 0.6 = 45 80# bags. (EDIT #1 as stated I added a zero come the exactly answer, sorry!

How countless 60 lb bags the cement does it require to make a yard?

60 pound bag yields .017 cubic yards. 80 lb bag returns .022 cubic yards.

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How countless 80lb bags the concrete room in a cubic yard?

A 80 lb. bag offers 0.6 cubic feet the cured concrete. If you have actually concrete ceded it is offered by the yard (which is a cubic yard = 27 cubic feet).
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How countless square feet walk a 80lb bag that concrete cover?

30 cubic feet, 60 pounds of concrete mix returns . 45 cubic feet and an 80-pound bag returns . 60 cubic feet.
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How many square feet are in a cubic yard?

In other words, one cubic yard = 27 cubic feet. Due to the fact that there space 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard, an in its entirety volume measurement the is made in cubic feet deserve to be translated into cubic yards simply by separating the cubic ft. Measure by 27.
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How plenty of square feet is a garden of concrete 4 inches thick?

81 square feet
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How lot water perform I require for a 60 pound bag that quikrete?

Pour dry mix into the hole until it is around 3" - 4" (76 - 102 mm) native the top. 3. To water water into the dried mix until the flour is saturated through water. Depending on soil conditions, this will require about 1 gallon (3.8 L) of water every 50 lb (22.7 kg) bag.
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How thick must a concrete driveway be?

As because that thickness, non-reinforced pavement 4 inches thick is traditional for passenger automobile driveways. For more heavier vehicles, a thickness of five inches is recommended. To get rid of standing water, the driveway should it is in sloped towards the street a minimum of one percent, or 1/8 customs per foot, for suitable drainage.
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How plenty of bags the cement are in a cubic yard?

45 bags
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How thick have to a concrete patio be?

We generally try to maintain a minimum thickness of any type of slab in ~ 4 inches, if the patio will have heavy features added on it, you might want to thicken it to 6 or also 8 inches, at the very least under the area where the attribute will it is in added.
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How lot quikrete carry out I require for a 10x10 slab?

Enter the size of the slab you want to construct in square feet. The calculator will show the variety of 60 or 80 pound bags that QUIKRETE® Concrete Mix you require to develop a 4″ or a 6″ slab.
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How much is concrete per post?

Remember, the depth the the post hole have to be one-half the the above-ground post height. (Example: because that a 6 feet over ground post, usage a post v an overall height that 9 feet and also place 3 feet in the ground). The calculator will indicate the variety of 50 lb. Bags that QUIKRETE® Fast-Setting Concrete you need.
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How perform you calculate concrete because that a round hole?

To uncover cubic metres required to fill a ring hole
EXAMPLE: how much concrete is essential to to fill 5 feet 1200mm deep and 1050mm round? ANSWER: One hole takes 1.039 cubic metres, thus 5 feet = 5 x 1.039 = 5.195. ( speak 5.2 cubic metres) NOTE: as soon as the Diameter of a hole is doubled, the takes 4 times much more concrete.
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How lot is a bag of cement?

A bag the cement, portland cement, 94 lb in the USA, much less in Canada, offered with sand, rock and water to make concrete runs best at $10 approximately here. Prices vary of course.
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Can Portland cement be offered alone?

Portland cement and aggregate alone is typically too hard and also is an extremely susceptible come cracking. Portland cement and also water is a slurry not a mortar and also is unsuitable because that use together mortar (and is a damn bad slurry because that anything other than a bond coat).
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How much is a bag of cement gravel?

About 125 pounds the dry material is needed to make 1 cubic foot of concrete. A typical recipe for concrete is 1 part cement, 2 components sand and 3 components gravel. You will certainly require about 20.8 pounds cement, 41.7 pounds sand and also 62.5 pounds gravel. This is about 2 1/4 - 55 pound bags of premixed concrete.
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How numerous cubic feet space in a 94 lb bag the Portland cement?

4.5 cubic feet
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How plenty of bags that cement carry out I need calculator?

To identify how plenty of bags the concrete you will need, divide the complete cubic yards essential by the yield. Use the following yields per each bag size: 40 lb bag yields .011 cubic yards. 60 lb bag yields .017 cubic yards.
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What is form I II Portland cement?

Type i is ordinary Portland cement, and it is easily accessible in white or gray. Type II is a moderate sulfate resistant cement, important when concrete is cast against soil that has actually moderate sulfate levels. Type III is a high early strength cement.

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How plenty of 80lb bags the concrete go it require to make a yard?

How countless 80 lb bags the concrete do I require for 1 yard? The finished volume of one 80# bag of Sacrete or Quikrete (pre-mixed cement, sand and gravel) is 0.6 cubic foot (stated ~ above the bag). There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard. Splitting 27 cubic feet by the volume of the bag will give girlfriend the number of bags girlfriend need.
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