Difficult real Estate license Math for your WV actual Estate License

When you’re dealing with difficult real estate patent math the we require to acquire your WV real estate license look no additional than the ideal school for your West Virginia actual Estate license to explain. Honestly, I article these after ~ students request an explanation. Hopefully you deserve to see the enrolling in ~ Spruce school of actual Estate is as an important as you have heard. We treatment that much, and we work tough to save proving that. So, the inquiry handed out was however again top top sections, for this reason let’s go over part background that what we possibly understand so we deserve to weed down the difficult portions and also leave the easy.

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Sections are 640 square acres. How did I know that? Well i could’ve memorized the or I might use some points we should recognize already. Allow me show you just how we can know the with simply the couple of memorized number we currently know. We know that a section is 1 direct mile across AND under correct? we also know the a direct mile is 5,280 feet due to the fact that of our storage tips in our lovely WV real Estate Online class that you registered for.

Ok, for this reason the next step. Us know just how to calculate square footage which is size times width. That means 5,280 x 5,280 is 27,878,400 and that method that that all sections are 27,878,400 square feet. Yes every one of them 😉

Now we additionally know that a square acre is 43,560 feet since of our research tips in class. Therefore if we divide 27,878,400 through 43,560 we get 640. For this reason that means that all sections are 640 acre in total. Yes, every one of them.

Now You view Why a ar is 640 Acres?

So that’s exactly how I knew a section stood for 640 acres. Ok so lets see what we can do with that number. Sections can be split into halves (320 acres) and also quarters (160 acres). So that’s the simple part. Climate it needs to get much more confusing because EACH the those portions have the right to then be divided again right into halves and also quarters. But its no terribly hard…. Its an easy math. 40 acres here, 40 acres here, 40 acre here, 40 acre here. Carry out you watch the logic? Good!


Now, over there a reason I entered all this before I damaged down the super confusing question. And also that’s since the at sight confusing question doesn’t need to be the confusing question IF WE know WHAT I just STATED. In the end the inquiry wants us to recognize how many acres. They provide us a bunch that gibberish in there however the fact is they desire you to calculation an acreage amount by the price per acre and tell lock what that complete price was.

So lets look in ~ the question and tear that apart. Let’s make this actual estate patent math do sense!

If a farm explained as “the NW 1/4 that the SE 1/4 of section 10, Township 2 North, variety 3 West of the sixth P.M.”

It reads, If a farm explained as “the NW 1/4 that the SE 1/4 of section 10, Township 2 North, selection 3 West that the sixth P.M.” marketed for $4,500 an acre, what was the full sales price?

Ok, so lets think around this? They want to know the NW 1/4 the the SE 1/4 . Allows place that on our part grid to highlight it. North, south, east, west to help us think the through. We start with the south east quarter so the here. And then they desire the north west quarter of THAT, so that’s here.

Now friend wanna know something the is crazy? we didn’t even need to map the out. I did since it makes more sense to define the real estate patent math IF us map that out but ALL we needed to know below was the they wanted to know a 4 minutes 1 of a 4 minutes 1 size… does this look acquainted from previously in the video? an excellent 😊

So You check out the size is 40 Acres

And assumption: v what? A 4 minutes 1 of a 4 minutes 1 of a section. Will constantly BE 40 acres. That doesn’t matter if it claimed it wanted the SE ¼ that the NW ¼ or the NE ¼ the the SW ¼, or any type of of that gibberish since all part are divided up prefer this and they’re every a liner mile up and down, and also they’re constantly gonna be a resolved size.

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It also doesn’t matter if the question read:

A farm yard on earth Neptune explained as “the NW ¼ that the SE ¼ of ar 40, Township 20, that the eastern shore of the Bahamas, past the 400th Meridian come the southerly lake” due to the fact that IN THE end THEY just WANTED TO understand THE variety of ACRES IN A quarter OF A quarter OF A SECTION. 


Basically everything AFTER the description of “NW ¼ of the SE ¼” is totally irrelevant to the dimension of the acreage us need. We recognize the size is 40 acres and also then simply do simple math here. 40 acres times $4,500 is $180,000

Now why did i go over all these procedures to display you this? i did the so you deserve to plug in a wide range of numbers, prices, and also scenarios , choose they can throw in ~ you in ~ the national experimentation center and you deserve to still gain an answer, nevertheless of them an altering details. Understanding these procedures can allow you to answer a wide variety of real estate license math that is dealing with sections and also land explanation now.

By the way, you have the right to enroll now to take it Spruce’s online actual estate great by visiting https://www.spruceschoolofrealestate.com and clicking “enroll now” It’s that easy. You’ll climate have accessibility to the instructor because that your actual estate education needs all the time throughout your enrollment!