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You understand you’ve discovered a dotted quarter note when you check out a quarter note with a dot next to it.


Just as you can suspect, the surname itself defines exactly what it looks like.

Let’s figure It Out

What we currently know is that a quarter keep in mind receives 1 win in the 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4 time signatures.


Okay, therefore a dotted quarter note needs to be precious at the very least 1 beat. However, there is a dot consisted of that must increase the value somehow.

In order to find out just exactly how much, we should review the dot rule.

Dot Rule

The preeminence says this:

Add fifty percent the worth of the note to the note.

Step 1 – divide the quarter note in half. What do you get?


Yes, it’s 1/2 a beat.

This means the value of the period is 1/2 a beat.


( quick review: Asingle eighth note amounts to 1/2 a beat. That’s why you watch an eighth keep in mind in these examples. The dot equates to an eighth note.)

Step 2 – Now include the period to the 4 minutes 1 note. How many beats complete do friend get?


You should have actually 1 1/2 beats total.

So, the dotted 4 minutes 1 note equals 1 1/2 beats.


That’s easy!


We can’t have actually 1/2 a beat absent in music. There have to be win using totality numbers (except zero).

Dotted quarter notes are absent 1/2 a beat to reaching the whole variety of 2. What are we going come do?

Well, we require to include another 1/2 a beat.

Do friend remember what form of note or rest amounts to 1/2 a beat?

Yes, you gained it. The solitary eighth keep in mind or eighth rest will work great in this instance to complete the beats reaching the totality number 2.

We can include the eighth note before or after the dotted quarter note for a full of 2 beats.


You deserve to do the same with the eighth rest.


This is why we never see a dotted quarter keep in mind sitting through itself. It’s typically accompanied by part other keep in mind or remainder that will consist of for the absence of 1/2 a beat.

An Easier means to counting It

Whenever ns problem-solve rhythms (notes and/or rests an unified together), I favor to break everything down right into the smallest value you check out on the page.

In this case, the eighth note is the smallest value.

So, ns take the quarter note and divide it down into eighth notes also.


The quarter note equals 2 eighth note total. Carry out you remember how much the dot is worth?

Yes, 1/2 a beat.

A solitary eighth note represents 1/2 a beat. That means the period is the very same as 1 eighth note.


Now, it’s simpler to see just how to counting it.


We made it! Not only will you it is in an experienced on dotted quarter notes, however with any type of keep in mind or remainder that has a dot.

A little math is all it takes come solve any type of rhythm or keep in mind value.

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3 Replies come “Dotted quarter Notes”


December 27, 2017, 7:46 pm

I have a 3/4 piano sheet mirroring an eight note immediately followed by a dotted entirety note. Exactly how do pat it? do I do a second strike or just organize the note 6 beats?


Teresa Rose
January 4, 2018, 11:45 to be

It sounds favor a major misprint in the music. 1 eighth keep in mind + 1 dotted whole note is much more than 3 counts in a measure.


January 5, 2018, 4:01 am

My mistake, sorry. The is no 1 eight keep in mind + 1 dotted whole note.Rather, 1 eight note + 1 dotted eight note.

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