Nutrition Facts offer Size1 each Calories137 calories from Fat--- *Percent everyday Values (DV) are based upon a 2,000calorie diet. Amount/Serving %DV* Amount/Serving %DV*
Total Fat5.7g 8% Tot. Carb.0g 0%
Sat. Fat2g 10% dietary Fiber0g 0%
trans Fat0g Sugars0g
Cholesterol55.2mg 18% Protein21.1g
Sodium180.6mg 12%
calorie 7%
Fat 8%
total Sugars 0%
Protein 41%
sodium 12%
Vitamin A - IU 0%
Vitamin C 0%
iron 4%
Calcium 0%
Cholesterol 18%
INGREDIENTS:Boneless Skinless Chicken chest (Ice Glazed Boneless, Skinless 4 oz. Avg. Chicken breast Fillets v Rib Meat Containing as much as 15% that a solution of water and Sea Salt ), Olive Oil (Refined Olive Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, )

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