Purified water v reverse osmosisGreat because that families, businesses and eventsBottle and cap space 100% recyclableLight weight bottles and also cases with no cardboard trays help minimize packaging material16.9 oz bottles, 40 bottles every case, 1920 bottles every palletMust have the ability to receive shipment at a loading dock, forklift or pallet jack required. Pallet will certainly not be broken down or ceded up stairs

Due to high demand, Members might experience shipment delays. Yielded via advertisement freight carrier, carrier will contact for appointment.

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Stay hydrated through Member"s mark Purified Bottled Water. That tastes good and is simple to transport. This large-sized crate provides plenty that bottled water because that families, businesses and also events.

The lightweight bottles aid reduce plastic use, while additionally being 100% recyclable*. Furthermore, we usage an typical of 20% post-consumer recycled content on our bottles**.

Why pick Member"s note Purified Bottled Water?

Since over there are definitely a number of water bottle brands easily accessible today, you could be wondering simply why girlfriend should consider this option. You"ll uncover that this purified bottled water has been mineral enhanced for much better taste. This can be a great option.

How deserve to You use This much Member"s note Purified Bottled Water?

Of course, through such a large number that water bottles available on the pallet, you could be wondering just exactly how you"ll have the ability to use them. Fortunately, you"ll find plenty of ways the you might utilize this selection. Let"s watch at simply a couple of of the possible examples. You deserve to sell them in vending machines, c-stores and concession stands. In addition, you can have them on hand in the fridge for anyone to grab, accessible for little League practice, or stock up her emergency stash.

Why Water?

While there might be many of various other beverages that you could use for her office or home, you might wonder why water is such a great choice. Water is a universal beverage, and also not just will most world welcome a nice cold bottle of water ~ above a hot day, but they"ll additionally often gravitate towards it, particularly when you pick quality bottled water brands. The water tastes simply as good as if you were utilizing the best water filter.

*Excludes label and outer packaging, which may not be recyclable in your area. Check your local recycling infrastructure or visit How2Recycle to find recycling programs close to you.

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**20% post-consumer recycled content calculated together an average across our portfolio, v individual bottles containing between 0% and also 50% recycle plastic.


Policies & plans

Purified water, purified by turning back osmosisBPA-Free16.9 oz bottles; 40 bottles every case48 situations (1920 bottles) every palletPallet dimensions (inches): 51.2 (l) x 40.5 (w) x 52.6 (h)Pallet weight: 2,274 lbs.Bottles made through an median of 20% write-up consumer recycle plastic. Calculated end the total amount of party produced; separation, personal, instance bottles might contain in between 0% and 50% recycle content*Label and also outside packaging recyclability different by locationItem is not-returnableFor orders an ext than 5 pallets please occupational with your regional club

This product is extended by the Sam's society Member Satisfaction Guarantee.

Standard - 2 come 6 service days Pallet ceded via commercial freight co. By appointment, transport will speak to to collection up time, must provide valid phone # If delivery deal with does not have actually dock accessibility for receiving, a liftgate will certainly be compelled to finish this delivery. Carrier might have an additional charge because that this service. **If Redelivery is required, carrier may have secondary service fee as result of bottling limitations sales are restricted for the following states: CA, CT, ME, NY, HI, AK, OR and PR