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Chapter 1: The Sound that the Shell

A airplane evacuating brother boys has been shot under in the Pacific. The boys have actually been ejected safely native the airplane and have actually landed top top a remote island. V no adult supervision, they effort to develop order and also a plan for survival. They elect a cook (Ralph) and also he selects Jack Merridew, a militant choir bully, to preeminence over the choir, who come to be hunters. We also meet Piggy in chapter 1. Piggy is fat, suffers indigenous asthma, and also has no social skills. He immediately becomes the target the the various other boys who make fun of him. Piggy find a conch shell and also shows Ralph exactly how to punch it. The sound the the covering calls the boys with each other for assemblies and to discuss important matters. At every assembly, the young holding the conch is the just one enabled to speak. At the assembly, Jack, Simon, and Ralph decision to discover the island. They confirm their suspicions the they space on one island. In the direction of the finish of thing 1, the 3 explorers find a trapped pig. The pig it s okay away.

Chapter 2: Fire on the Mountain and Chapter 3: Huts ~ above the Beach

Chapter 2: The three boys return from their exploration and call one assembly. Among the littleuns mentions a snake thing, a beastie, i m sorry sends fear throughout the group. They controversy its existence and determine the littluns were having actually nightmares. Ralph decides they must make a fire top top the mountain as a rescue signal. They use Piggy’s glasses to light the fire. The fire rages the end of control. Among the littleuns dies in the conflagration (a fancy word for large fire). Piggy and also Jack argue. Chapter 3: Jack is obsessed with hunting pigs return he has actually yet to catch one. Ralph and also Simon job-related on the huts. Anyone else plays. Jack has become savage in his quest for blood. Ralph and also Jack argue. Simon wanders off, help the littluns acquire fruit, and also continues to an diverted location.

Chapter 4: Painted Faces and also Long Hair and Chapter 5: Beast native Water

Chapter 4: Roger and Maurice bully the littluns on the beach. They room still, however, held back by rules they learned in civilization. Jack paints his confront for hunting. His mask liberates the from the rule of civilization. He leader the boys on a hunting expedition. As Jack and also the hunters room out, a ship passes by. Ralph realizes the hunters have let the fire go out. He gyeongju to the top but is unable to light it in time. Jack and also the hunters return through a pig. Ralph and Jack argue. Jack punches Piggy in the gut. Among Piggy’s lenses indigenous his glasses breaks. The boys cook the pig and have a feast. Ralph announces a meeting. Chapter 5: Ralph make the efforts to set things in order. He reestablishes rules about the fire and where to go to the bathroom. The topic of the beast is carried up. Jack argues the island is too little for a beast. One of the boys insurance claims the beast comes from the sea. The guys argue. Simon argues that they space the beast. They every make fun of him. The suggesting continues. Jack storms far from the meeting with his hunters, that make horrific sound in the darkness. Piggy begs Ralph to contact them ago with the conch. He longs for grown-ups to make things right.

Chapter 6: Beast from Air and also Chapter 7: Shadow and also Tall Trees

Chapter 6: A aircraft is shot under high above as the kids sleep. A dead parachutist lands on the island grounding in the rocks and trees. Samneric sees the dead parachutist and mistakes it for the beast. The guys hunt because that the beast. They can’t uncover it. Jack think he’s uncovered a great fort native which to throw rocks at people. After no finding the beast, Ralph notices the fire has actually gone out. No one of the others, particularly Jack, seem to care. Chapter 7: The hunt for the beast continues. The guys come across a pig run and Ralph rod a boar in the nose v a spear. The boar escapes. The guys act the end a pig hunt with Robert play the component of the pig. Also Ralph enjoys the spectacle. The search for the beast continues until evening. Jack, Ralph, and Roger agree to range the mountain. The three boys view the dead parachutist that they mistake for the beast and run far as quick as lock can.

Chapter 8: Gift for the Darkness

Jack calls a meeting, insults Ralph, and also asks because that Ralph to no longer be chief. Nobody rather agrees. Jack, embarrassed, pipeline the tribe and goes into the forest. The assembly continues. Simon says they walk up the mountain. Piggy suggests they construct the fire on the beach because the beast is top top the mountain. The boys gather wood. The littluns sing and also dance. Roger, Bill, Maurice, and other biguns escape into the woods, adhering to Jack. Simon has additionally disappeared right into his an enig spot. The hunters track down a pig and also kill it. Lock chop turn off its head and also offer it to the beast as a sacrifice. Paris swarm. The hunters race earlier to the coast to steal fire. Simon arrives at the pig’s head after the hunters have actually left. That imagines the pig’s head is speaking to him. The pig’s head speak Simon he can’t escape. Jack’s hunters raid Ralph’s camp for fire and invite the others.

Chapter 9: The check out to a Death and Chapter 10: The Shell and also the Glasses

Chapter 9: Simon passes out and wakes up. That explores, discovers the truth about the beast, and heads instantly to the coast to call the others. Meanwhile, every the boys have actually left the original camp to join Jack’s hunters. Even Ralph and also Piggy go. There’s a dispute. The rains. Jack and also his hunters start their chant. Simon appears from the forest. They kill him. The dead parachutist is driven by the wind, over the boys, and also out to sea. After the storm ceases, the boys gather around dead Simon as his body is washed the end to sea. Chapter 10: Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric are the only ones left in the initial tribe. Ralph and Piggy express their horror over witnessing/participating in Simon’s murder. Jack and his crew have taken increase residence in ~ the fort. Roger approaches and also is called of one of the boys (Wilfred) gift tied up and whipped. Jack and also his tribe have been transformed into savages. They plot to steal fire. Castle raid Ralph and Piggy’s camp and steal Piggy’s glasses.

Chapter 11: castle Rock and also Chapter 12: Cry of the Hunters

Chapter 11: Piggy declares his intention to confront Jack and also demand his glasses back. The four boys walk to castle rock, conch in hand. Ralph blows the conch in ~ the fort entrance. Ralph and Jack spar. Ralph needs Piggy’s glasses. Jack’s savages tie increase Samneric. Piggy do the efforts to talk sense into the savages. I get it wedges the giant rock loose. It smashes the conch and also knocks Piggy turn off the cliff. Jack and the others litter spears in ~ Ralph, that runs away. Chapter 12: Ralph flees and returns in ~ night to speak v Samneric who are the brand-new guards. They warn Ralph to go away. Ralph to learn the tribe will hunt the the next day prefer a pig. Roger is sharpening a stick in ~ both ends. Ralph hides in a thicket. Among the twins gives away Ralph’s location. They at some point fill the thicket v smoke. Ralph fees out and runs because that his life. The hunters pursue. Ralph notices the island has caught fire. The hunters chase Ralph down to the beach wherein he find a navy officer there to rescue them.

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