Have you ever gone come order wine and also been totally baffled by the various wine bottle sizes available?

There room so countless wine bottle sizes the it have the right to be overwhelming trying to do a decision. Understanding how much alcohol each party holds and their provides can aid you do smarter decisions and take bar inventory faster and much more accurately. We can aid with both.

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We take it a look in ~ the most common and uncommon sizes of wine bottles. And we damaged it all under for you by ounces and also ml.

Some of these bottles you'll usage on a daily basis and some might never encounter. We'll define how lot wine each bottle holds and a few other helpful tips. Please note that all consumption of ounces in this short article refers to liquid ounces. 

What room the various Wine party Sizes?

The most common wine party you'll come across in the bar company are the 750 ml standard wine bottle and also 1.5 liter Magnum bottles. Most civilization will never ever even communicate with any kind of size of alcohol bottle however the standard, but they might want to recognize how plenty of ounces in a alcohol bottle. Just the ideal vintages of wine are sold in bigger sizes.

However, there space a variety of unique wine party sizes out there. You may encounter part if you're speculative in her wine journey or to buy wine for high-class affairs. From small, single-serving bottles to a bottle twice as big as a full instance of wine. We'll break down both the usual and also unusual sizes below.


Common Wine bottle Sizes Chart

Here's a chart v the most common sizes of alcohol bottles, together with how numerous ounces and ml castle contain. Many of this are typical liquor party sizes together well, so suppose to see them often.


Uncommon Wine party Sizes

Split alcohol Bottle

This little bottle that wine dubbed a separation is also called a piccolo and also holds 187.5 ml of wine. That's one-quarter that the traditional bottle and is usually used for single servings the Champagne.

Rehoboam Wine party Size

Now beginning the Biblically-named sizes, the Rehoboam wine party holds 4 liters of wine. Only the ideal of vintages are likely to be checked out in this dimension or larger. These bottles avoid oxidation far better and an outcome in much more flavorful aged wine.

Salmanazar Wine bottle Size

The Salmanazar hold 9 liters of alcohol or the indistinguishable of 12 party of wine. That's a whole instance of wine!

Balthazar Wine party Size

The indistinguishable of two royal bottles, a Balthazar bottle holds 12 liters of wine.

Nebuchadnezzar Wine party Size

The Nebuchadnezzar bottle of alcohol holds a hefty 15 liters. That's the same as 20 typical bottles. The is named after a Babylonian king.

Solomon Wine bottle Size

Also well-known as the Melchior, the Solomon bottle consists of an astonishing 18 liters. That's tantamount to 24 traditional bottles of wine or two full cases of wine. If you acquire your hand on a bottle this large, it is in careful. Adhere to the correct wine warehouse temperature and also use the ideal wine cellar lighting. Don't rubbish a bottle of alcohol worth countless dollars.


Wine Bottle dimension Names

From the list above, you’ve probably noticed the wine party sies have an extremely interesting names. That’s due to the fact that a majority of them come from Biblical references to kings and other vital figure. This might seem odd, but historically, wine was frequently fermented by monks in monasteries.

Here’s the beginning of some of the different wine bottle dimension names:

Jeroboam - The first king of the northern Kingdom of Israel.Rehoboam - The very first king of the Kingdom that Judah.Salmanazar - based upon Shalmaneser V, king of the ancient Neo-Assyrian Empire.Balthazar - one of the 3 wise men in the Biblical story that the birth of Jesus.Nebuchadnezzar - based on Nebuchadnezzar II, the 2nd king that the old Neo-Babylonian Empire.Solomon - one of the many paous Biblical figures, Solomon was the boy of David and also the king that both the northern Kingdom of Israel and also the Kingdom of Judah.

All Bottled Up

The wine bottle is a beautiful creation. With a long slender neck and also graceful shape, any size bottle can be a masterpiece on her shelf. They're more than just art pieces, though. Wine bottles are the vital to happy customers and also a well-run business. Watch in your cellars to learn more and we'll show you just how to market wine. Or develop a wine list.

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You may want to serve guests champagne in Piccolo bottles for new Year's Eve. Girlfriend may an outbreak a Rehoboam of 100-year-old wine because that a celebrity. Understanding the servings in each and when to usage them will keep a great bar manager on peak of your game. Don't let any type of wine walk to waste.