With 3 exceptions, every primates have retained five digits ~ above hand and also foot. The exceptions are the spider monkeys and also the so-called woolly spider monkey of south America and the colobus primates of Africa, which have actually lost or decreased the thumb. This appears to it is in an adaptation because that locomotion, the rationale because that which is not completely understood in ~ present.

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The aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis) is around 40 centimeter (16 inches) long, excluding the bushy 55- come 60-cm (21.6- come 23.6-inch) tail.

All, though to different degrees, possess prehensile (grasping) hands and also all (except humans) prehensile feet. The hands of catarrhines show a greater selection of an exact manipulative task than those of other primates. Lemurs, because that example, absence the sensible duality that the hand of many apes and also Old World monkeys (catarrhines). Duality in hand role has been defined in regards to precision and also power grips. The power grip of lemurs and also lorises is very well developed, but the precision fixed is lacking. The brand-new World primates show a considerable development over primitive primates in tactile sensitivity, but they possess much less functionally reliable hands in prehensile terms 보다 Old human being monkeys.


Female orangutans (Pongo) have actually the longest reproduction interval of any type of mammal, offering birth on median once every eight years.

The vital component that the prehensile hand in state of experienced manipulation is the opposable thumb—a thumb, the is to say, the is qualified of being moved freely and independently. The activity of opposition is a rotary movement in i beg your pardon the thumb, swinging around its own axis, comes to face the lower surface that the tips of the fingers. The opposable thumb is the basis of the precision grip that, though existing to some extent in all primates, is specifically highly emerged in man. Opposability is existing to some degree in most primates but varies significantly in that is functional performance as an tool of well manipulation. Humans and baboons are preeminent in this respect. The apes, having quick thumbs and long fingers, space handicapped in relationship to vulnerable manual dexterity but are adept in the coarser elements of hand use, an especially in relationship to tree climbing.

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A fully opposable thumb gives the human being hand its unique power fixed (left) and also precision tight (right).