all 10 Hellraiser Movies, Ranked Worst To finest The original Hellraiser is a groundbreaking fear classic but the franchise is a messy one. Here are every the Hellraiser movie ranked worst come best.

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hellraiser 1987 cenobites
The original is taken into consideration a horror classic, however the Hellraiser movie have certainly received a combined consensus due to the fact that the franchise"s inception. Hellraiser marks the directorial debut that horror understand Clive Barker, an author who at first made a name for himself through his unique, gory horror tales on the page. After being disappointed with the adaptation the his brief story, Rawhead Rex, Barker determined to do his own movie, securing a modest budget to it is adapted his novella The Hellbound Heart.

The Hellbound heart centers on one unscrupulous man who tries come escape the sadomasochistic demons he summons with an old puzzle box. The resulting movie version, 1987"s Hellraiser, would come to be a word-of-mouth success, while also going top top to make a horror icon out of the top Cenobite Pinhead. The fore-riddled franchise still requirements a cult complying with to this day regardless of the top quality of latter entries prove commercially and critically disappointing.

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From adventures in various dimensions, reanimation shenanigans, and even do the efforts to do an antihero of Pinhead, the Hellraiser franchise has actually tried it all. The at-times horrifying film series certainly cannot be accused of a lack of imagination, special a mammoth 10 canonical installments to date. Right here are every the Hellraiser movies, ranked worst to best.

10. Hellraiser: Revelations (2011)

hellraiser revelations pinhead
Hellraiser: Revelations to be slapped together in a issue of weeks after, legend has it, an intern realized dimension was top top the verge of shedding the franchise civil liberties if they didn"t produce a new sequel. Revelations bears these hurried scars, through amateur acting, a paper-thin premise, and an overall low-budget feel. Pinhead"s original performer Doug Bradley refuse to return because of the rushed nature the the production, and his replacement lacks the gravitas essential for the Cenobite leader.

Hellraiser Hellseeker
Hellraiser: Hellseeker briefly gained fans excited once it to be announced Ashley Lawrence, the command actress that the an initial two movies, was collection to return, yet Hellseeker would prove to be one of the many tedious entries the the series. Lawrence is essentially a gloried cameo, v a pitifully brief arc that will certainly anger even the most ardent Hellraiser fans. To include insult come injury, the main character is an aggressively unlikeable caricature who wanders a film comprising around 90 percent hallucinations or dream sequences that fail come elicit a single scare.

8. Hellraiser: Hellworld (2005)

hellraiser hellworld henry cavill
Hellworld is among the strangest the the Hellraiser movies, revolving approximately a group of girlfriend who room invited to a Hellraiser-themed party. Basically a share 2000s fear movie through a stunner twist, Hellworld does better than those listed below it on this list due to its tongue-in-cheek style. The cast, consisting of a young Henry Cavill (Justice League) and Lance Henriksen, do Hellworld an enjoyable feature that package a plethora that easter eggs and also callback to previously Hellraiser installments. This gift said, turning Pinhead right into a typical slasher tho marks a vast narrative mistake, with earlier franchise entries canonically confirming that Cenobites can not hunt of your own cost-free will.

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7. Hellraiser: Deader (2005)

Deader retains a spine-chilling premise, adhering to a grungy journalist that investigates a cult that cases to resurrect the dead. However, like many of the right to DVD Hellraiser movies, Deader was an initial script retrofitted to it is in a sequel - and it shows. The overall plot has little connection come the very closely crafted beforehand Hellraiser mythology and, when it has a pair of creepy moments and interesting ideas, Deader tho pigeon-holds itself together a mediocre fear tale.

6. Hellraiser: referee (2018)

The tenth and, come date, last Hellraiser entry, Judgment marks yet one more low-budget bid come retain the dwindling Hellraiser franchise rights. Its factor for presence aside, Judgment elicits a slight innovation on Revelations, making an initiative to broaden the series" mythology and featuring a solid performance from brand-new Pinhead Paul T. Taylor. The Seven-style serial killer plot, however, tho dissolves into boilerplate stuff as the film"s tiny budget plan at times rears an ugly head. Judgment does control to deliver on a Hellraiser prerequisite though, namely featuring part unnerving (and gross) fear sequences.

Scott Derrickson (Doctor Strange) do his directorial debut with 2000"s Inferno, the fifth entry and the first Hellraiser supplying to be consigned come the dreaded straight-to-DVD bin. The preamble of its story complies with a sleazy detective investigating a absent children"s case, before finding a connection to the franchise"s well known puzzle box. Inferno marks a turn towards making the Cenobites much more traditional, Christian demons, however while Derrickson directs with flair and produces disturbing imagery favor an under-the-skin massage, his as whole execution presents together clunky, with Pinhead"s lack of screentime likewise angering franchise fans.

Hellraiser III check to turn Pinhead right into a Freddy Krueger-style figure, but while Doug Bradley is a hammy joy in the part, Hell ~ above Earth is mostly a mess thanks to that convoluted and nonsensical plot. The Cenobites, for their part, to be turned into gimmicky monsters choose Camerahead, a page not aided by the film"s slog that a story. In fact, until the final act, Pinhead is far an ext interesting than the lead heroine, do it tough to root because that her survival at all.

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Bloodline has by much the many ambitious principle of the Hellraiser movies, gift split between three converging timelines. The an initial story adheres to Philippe Lemarchand in 1796, the creator that the notorious puzzle box, and how his actions cursed his bloodline. The 2nd story complies with his descendant in a contemporary setting, if the finale takes place in a sci-fi hellscape variation of outer space. There room genuinely an innovative ideas in Bloodline, but the film is tho hampered through the little budget and sloppy re-edit failing the plague lot of the franchise. Ultimately, this unnatural blend of sequel/prequel is a fascinating mess the lives long in the franchise"s blurred canonical memory.

acquiring to the genuine meat that this list, Hellbound picks up native the finish of the original, v Kirsty sent to one asylum after surviving the Cenobites" wrath. This sequel greatly expands the premise that Hellraiser"s macabre world, pass viewers into Hell - recognized as The Labyrinth - and revealing the gift that regulates it. It likewise features an beginning story because that Pinhead, which, prefer the original, attributes plenty of stomach-churning gore. Surprisingly, the filmmakers didn"t at first see Pinhead together the star, and returning villainess Julia to be pegged to lead the franchise. The fan response to the character, and this solid sequel, however, soon readjusted their opinion permanently.

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Hellraiser was a shoot in the eight for the horror genre in 1987, and brought Clive Barker"s unique and dazzling vision come the large screen. The main essence of Hellraiser"s plot is basically a love story, where a cheating mam agrees to assist her cursed lover - she husband"s brother - regenerate native a insignificant in Hell through feeding the a string of victims. The effects and gore are shocking come this day, yet the classy direction and music score elevates the material beyond its visceral ambition. Pinhead is an extremely much a background threat in Hellraiser - he"s even credited as "Lead Cenobite" - but even in his short screentime below it"s clear a brand-new icon is born anew.