How lot is Adrian Peterson worth? besides football, Adrian likewise starred in his high college basketball team.

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Adrian Lewis Peterson was born ~ above 21st march 1985. A 35 old American football player has actually the nicknames A.D (All day) and also Purple Jesus. This name is given to that by his father when he was a toddler.

He was born in Palestine and also lived in The Woodlands, Texas. Peterson is a devout Baptist. Jesus Christ way everything to him. He has actually American citizenship and Nationality. The American football player is taken into consideration one the the best running backs in the history of the sport.

As the 2021, Adrian Peterson's network worth is estimated at $4 million.

Adrian Peterson at an early stage life and education

Adrian was born in Palestine, Texas. He prospered up there and joined Palestine High School, whereby he was an outstanding athlete. Once he to be 7, his elder brothers was killed by a drunk driver. His father was arrested and also sent come jail when Adrian to be 13. V a traumatic childhood, he placed all his attention into football.

Adrian Peterson School, College, and also Professional Career

Besides football, Adrian additionally starred in his high college basketball team. After perfect high school, he attended the college of Oklahoma, whereby he played for their football team native 2004-06. He did not finish college to get in the 2007 NFL draft.

Adrian is just one of the most famous players in the NFL. A player has actually never gone long without too much difficulty. In 2010, he came to be the fifth fastest player to operation for 5000 yards. He achieved this title in his 51st game. Adrian was the sixth to run for 6000 and third to overcome 10000 rushing yards in history.

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Adrian Peterson Wife and also girlfriends

Adrian has a long dating history, i beg your pardon is as follows-

Erica Syion- 2007Ann Doohen- 2011Iliana Fischer- 2013

Finally, Peterson married Ashley Brown in 2014. The model is additionally the CEO of her company ‘Elizabella Cosmetics’. Her network Worth is $2,00,000.

Adrian Peterson Kids

Adrian to be blessed with four children. Castle are called as-.

Adrian Peterson Jr.Adeja PetersonTyrese Robert Ruffin- In October 2013, he to be beaten to death.Axyl Eugene Peterson

Adrian Peterson Parents

His parents Nelson Peterson, and Bonita Brown, had been a star athlete in the college. His father was a shooting guard for Idaho State. Adrian to be the star of the football team coached through his father.

Adrian’s mom was a world-class track and field athlete. In ~ Westwood high school, she was the Texas State champion 3 times. On an athlete scholarship, she attend the college of Houston. Bonita was also a lengthy jumper.

Adrian Peterson Siblings

Adrian has actually 4 brother who room his best friends.

Jaylon BrownEldon PetersonBrian Peterson: He was the elder brother of Adrian. As soon as Brian to be of 9 years, a drunk driver eliminated him and also ran away.Derrick Peterson

Adrian Peterson Salary

A player at this time plays because that Detroit Lions. He signed a $ 1,050,000 contract v them because that 1 year. As of January 2021, his net Worth is estimated to be the united state $30 Million.

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On the very same token, his annual salary is estimated to be united state $2Million. In 2013, 16, and also 18, he has actually won NFL Honors-Ground player the the year.