Chad “Ochocinco” Johnsonand his fiancéeSharelle Rosadoshared that they would be broadening their blended household to 11 children on Monday, Aug. 16, adhering to their pregnant announcement during an interview with civilization magazine.

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Both Johnson and also the deluxe real estate broker have children from vault relationships. The previous Bengals wide receiver has actually seven, while Rosado has three.The couple, which is expecting its very first child together, also disclosed the the latest enhancement would it is in a infant girl.

Chad Johnson (right) and also fiancée Sharelle Rosado (left) room expecting their very first child together, the real estate broker confirms the news ~ above Instagram. Photo:

Rosado said thepublicationthat she uncovered out about her pregnant while filming her brand-new Netflix reality series “Selling Tampa.” “Selling Tampa” is a spinoff of Netflix’s “Selling Sunset,” a reality present that complies with real heritage agents indigenous The Oppenheim Group, a deluxe property agency, together they sell multimillion-dollar dwellings on the Sunset piece in Los Angeles, California.

The expectant mom said, “It was shocking. Ns think ns was crying and also laughing at the same time. I simply can’t wait. It’s in reality going by for this reason fast. I uncovered out i was pregnant while us were filming, for this reason time is flying. The doesn’t even seem like it’s been that long.”

Despite the pair’s excitement for their little one, she added that this might be the last to join the clan. “I always wanted a large family, so i think v this critical one, she’s simply the perfect number to complete it off.”

In enhancement to the interview, Rosado common the pregnant news on her Instagram page with a picture of her and also Johnson. Shewrote, “It’s with full hearts, a ton that joy, and love come reveal… We’re expecting! ❤️ It’s been so difficult keeping this a mystery but ns excited to finally share the news with all of you! We’re so blessed to have actually such amazing human being in ours lives and in our hearts. Looking forward to a future the fun, love and also adventure.”

As the notice spread prefer wildfire everywhere social media, many world expressed how they important felt concerning the news. While part congratulated the couple, a grasp of rather poked funny at Johnson’s ability to keep reproduction children at the age of 43.

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The star’s youngest child prior to the pregnancy announcement is about 5 years old.

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