Long before Jamie Foxx remained in the headlines because that his high-profile connection with Katie Holmes, he had a few short-term, low-profile relationships. And by long before, think, 20-something years or more.

Now, Jamie has two children, one who"s 27 and another that"s 11.

despite Jamie has actually a an excellent relationship with his daughter Corinne, not much is known about her mom or the mommy of Jamie"s other daughter. So who are Jamie Foxx"s baby mamas?

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neither lady is famous, follow to lot of sources, and for a long time, Jamie kept their identities totally under wraps. It"s understandable, though. ~ all, Jamie has had actually a many deep personal trauma that he"s only newly opened increase about.

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however in 2016, the first-ever photo of Jamie"s eldest daughter"s mom emerged on society media. As Daily Mail reported, Corinne Kline was out running errands v her daughter once the paparazzi spotted them.

except the paparazzi photo, there have actually been couple of sightings the Kline, and for a long time, her surname wasn"t recognized either. From she daughter"s IG posts, though, fans have the right to glean the Kline is a army veteran and, that course, a great mother.

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and also the hush-hush nature of their relationship doesn"t average Foxx hasn"t been connected with his baby mama; Daily Mail suggests that Jamie has actually purchased a home and a automobile for Kline. Sources also suggest that the pair room on good terms, co-parenting their daughter the end of the spotlight all these years.


but what about Jamie"s various other daughter"s mom?

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Anelise, who was born in 2009, is regularly featured in her dad"s and big sister"s society media snaps. Per Daily Mail, Kristin Grannis is a publicist, despite it"s no clear where she works; in ~ the time Daily Mail reported on one outing she and Jamie shared, Grannis to be unemployed.

There can be a an excellent reason for that: kid support. Well, Jamie Foxx-style kid support, i beg your pardon apparently method a $1.7M house, says National Enquirer. At the time, the publication argued that Jamie wasn"t together serious about Katie Holmes as he to be rumored come be, based on his being photographed v Kristin and their daughter.


Ultimately, Katie and also Jamie split, yet who"s come say even if it is it was as result of jealousy issues, or the plain fact that Jamie states he"s not sure he"s reduced out because that marriage. Multiple sources have quoted Foxx as saying he"s one intentionally private person, and also his dream partner is someone who"s willing to do sacrifices to store their partnership a priority (below the radar, apparently).

that knows that Jamie might connect with next, but in the meantime, the apparently has solid relationships v both his daughters" moms, and also that"s most likely the most essential thing to the gibbs at this stage in his life.


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