Jason Aldean is walk to be a dad again! The nation singer announced the he’s expecting his 2nd child with 2nd wife Brittany Kerr.

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“Sup everybody……. Guess who is gonna be a big brother!” Aldean composed on an Instagram post. Kerr included the very same photo, but captioned that “Here we go again!”

Sup everybody……. Guess that is gonna be a huge brother! #thisdude #aldeanpartyof6

A post shared by Jason Aldean (


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The photo just shows the couple’s child son, however how many youngsters does Jason Aldean have?

How many kids does Jason Aldean have?

Aldean and also Kerr opened up around their battles to gain pregnant in a 2017 interview.

“The IVF was more than likely harder 보다 the actual pregnancy, for me, since it was just such a roller coaster and so difficult,” Kerr told civilization of her fight with in-vitro fertilization and endometriosis. “It’s together high highs and such low lows, and no one yes, really knows the you’re going through it all so you need to just put on a game face and also pretend that you’re not giving yourself shots in her stomach every day, every day.”

The battle was precious it: Aldean and Kerr invited their son, Memphis Aldean, in December.


Aldean is no stranger to the delivery room: He has two added children, Kendyl, 11, and also Keeley, 15, in enhancement to Memphis and also their upcoming child.

The route to ending up being a big, happy family hasn’t to be easy. Aldean was photographed kissing Kerr while quiet married to first wife Jessica Ussery. He later divorced Ussery and also dated — climate married — Kerr. Follow to united state Weekly, Aldean’s older daughters perceived their stepmom together “the other woman.”

“Jason is working Brittany right into Kendyl and Keeley’s lives, however they view her together the other woman,” a resource told the magazine in 2014. “It’s hard. They’re vital to him.”

Ussery also weighed in top top the partnership via a 2014 talk about an Aldean pan Instagram account.


“Had come comment….just sittin ago watching God work……They have developed there (sic) very own mess …..lol….funny …..everyone does have actually an opinion….people still have actually morals too, however We recognize the truth….my children do…..most importantly God does … this was too funny….happiness no made from lies and also destruction of innocent people……IDC…I know the whole truth! 20 yrs worth!!” she wrote, according to Nashville Gab.

So really, just how many youngsters does Jason Aldean have?

It appears like everything has cleared up down and Aldean and Kerr room happy — and also busy. The answer come the questions “how many kids does Jason Aldean have?” is four: 2 from his first marriage, one child from his 2nd marriage and also another to it is in born either later on in 2018 or in at an early stage 2019.

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And it seems like baby number four was planned, too.

“The sooner the better,” Kerr told human being in 2017 once asked if they’d have one more child. “You’re currently doing the diaper thing, you’re currently doing everything. Why don’t we simply knock the out instead of gaining out of the time frame, and also then having to start anywhere again?”