Couple job ago, I want to see how fast I can run a mile. I ran on a football field and unlike a track field, it’s not an easy as “4 laps amounts to 1 mile”. So i did it myself, I got my ice measure and calculated just just how laps roughly a soccer ar is a mile.

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4.7 laps about a soccer field equates to one finish mile. Because that simplifications, approximately 5 laps is a mile. An entire soccer key is about 360 feet long and also 200 feet wide. Part soccer fields could vary contempt in dimensions yet all are roughly the same.

That to be a just rapid answer. Yet how does it compare to a soccer field? How countless laps is a kilometer? Keep reading to gain a much more thorough answer.

Here is a small conversation graph to understand in different units.

LapsMilesKm (Kilometers)
4.8 laps1 mile1.6 km
9.6 laps2 miles3.2 km
14.4 laps3 miles4.8 km
19.2 laps4 miles6.4 km
24 laps5 miles8 km
28.8 laps6 miles9.6 km
33.6 laps7 miles11.2 km
43.2 laps9 miles14.4 km
48 laps10 miles16 km

How walk it to compare with other fields?

The field I measured was both a soccer and also (American) football field. Football areas are 360 feet long and 160 feet wide. They space both similar in length but the soccer field tends to be more comprehensive on both ends. The extra width gives the players more room to do plays.

How many laps roughly a football ar is a mile?

If you space going to run laps roughly a football field, recognize that around 5 laps about a football ar will equal 1 mile. In the football field, that 4.7 laps however for the football ar it’s 5 complete laps.

for both types of surfaces, just do 5 laps to finish a mile. So because that a soccer field, you will be to run a little more than 1 mile if you finish a full 5 laps. Yet that extra street will only make you stronger.

How many times up and down a football field is a mile?

For some reason, you can not want to execute laps. You might prefer to run up and down a soccer ar for an excellent stamina workout. If the is a case, 14.6 time up and down the ar will same a mile.

You can estimate the to around 15 times. Every run will certainly be taken into consideration 1 round. For this reason if girlfriend ran up, you did one. As soon as you run back down the field, it is 2. And also you would keep running until you execute it 15 times.

How quick should girlfriend be to run a mile?

For high school, we always had time miles and also I hated them. There yes, really isn’t a particular time a football player requirements to complete a mile. Yet here is the general time our coach looked for.

Time What it means
less than 6excellent
6 come 7good
8 or moreneed work

Running fast miles shouldn’t be your focus

This is just a general time to recognize your level at to run a mile. This by no way determines how an excellent of a football player you are. Few of the finest players top top the team did terrible on mile runs but they to be still great.

If you deserve to run 5 to 6 minute miles, that’s great. If girlfriend can’t, it is ok too. Don’t emphasis too lot of her workout on running long distance runs. The is not what football is about.

Instead of miles, this need to be your key focus

Look, I know running a mile or 2 might help with stamina but soccer isn’t a lengthy distance race. Instead, a soccer game is filled v bursts the sprints, jogging, and also even walking for 90 minutes. So don’t think running miles is the best way to boost stamina. Instead, incorporate running drills that encompass both sprinting and also jogging.

If you just run mile laps approximately a soccer pitch at consistent speed, you’re no training her body for a soccer game. You training your body because that a long distance mile race. You must teach your body to adapt to the fast sprints and also jogs. Once you perform workout both of these aspects, you train her body to have the ability to sprint and recover quickly. So without additional delay, if you’re going to run laps approximately a football field, here are some great ways to carry out it.

Jog complete lap climate sprint

For the first round, friend jog in ~ a constant speed approximately the totality field. Then once you return to where you started, friend sprint approximately the totality field.

You repeat this until you have actually jogged and also sprinted the same variety of times. When you execute sprint, execute not go all out. The entirety field is a lengthy distance and you don’t desire to usage all your energy in one round. The jogging facet will be your rest. After each round, that should obtain harder and also harder.

To get the ideal out that this exercise, ns recommended come jog and also sprint at the very least 5 times. That equals 10 laps roughly the soccer field. I recognize this exercise is really tiring yet that is the point. That is a lot much better exercise than simply running a mile.

Sprint sides, jog lengths

This practice is quite simple, spring the brief sides and jog the longer sides.

unlike the vault exercise, since you no sprinting the whole field, sprint the shorter sides faster. When it comes time come jog, jog at a continuous speed and do no walk.

To execute a harder version of this exercise, sprint the longer sides and also jog the much shorter sides. This will require much more energy while giving you less time come rest. I recommended doing at the very least 8 laps come really get the many out of it. Girlfriend should always feel exhausted after a workout.

To yes, really use obtain the best out of these drills, think about the following:

Schedule: being a much better runner takes time, that doesn’t take place overnight. What you should make sure is the you are repeatedly doing running drills. The best way to do that is to schedule how countless days and also times you are going to run. Having it planned out will decrease your possibility of gift lazy or not functioning out. Decide details days, then do it top top those days.Time yourself: You must actually check out the enhancements you’re making. For this reason time yourself once you do run laps, operation a mile, or carry out the exercises ns mentioned. Whatever you do, always shot to gain a faster time the next time around. Always shot to win your very own record. This is exactly how you improve. Don’t simply run come run. That’s no an effective way to improve. Time yourself and try to do better the next day.Take care of yourself: What friend do outside of the field also matters. Relying on your habits, the could influence your performance on the field. So take it things favor eating the appropriate food and also sleep very seriously. I’m no expert but shot to eat much less junk food and an ext healthy foods. Taking treatment of yourself outside of the soccer ar can help you as soon as you step on the football field.

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Final words

So remember, if you want to operation a mile in a football or soccer field, you should run 5 laps. But shot not to emphasis on to run long distances so much as football requires much more. Make certain your workouts combine both sprints and also jogs.