We take it a closer look at the cook superstar"s glittering career and his ideal eateries.

By Emma Al-Mousawi | might 27 2021

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You recognize you’ve accomplished cult status as a cook if The Simpsons come knocking. And in 2017, Wolfgang Puck, the Austrian chef who eateries have attained Michelin stars and armies the adoring fans, made his Springfield debut. This is simply one of the moments (albeit a less culinary-focused one) in Puck’s glittering career, that has actually cemented his location in popular culture. 

Perhaps the opportunity to be immortalized in yellow cartoon type isn’t miscellaneous that every one of the world’s many acclaimed chefs would certainly jump at, but Wolfgang Puck isn’t one come abide by the standing quo. The chef, who is considered a pioneer of fusion cuisine, is as much a celebrity together the A-list diners who flock to his legend Spago eatery in Beverly Hills. 

With dining facilities from Maui come Shanghai, Puck has constructed himself realm that spans whatever from casual and also fine-dining eateries come cookware and his own coffee and also wine brands. No to point out his illustrious catering company, which has fed Hollywood’s elite at the Academy Award’s Governor’s Ball because 1995.

He is currently a family members name in his adopted US and he even has his very own star ~ above the Hollywood go of fame. But how walk the Austrian-born kid of a pastry chef obtain to end up being an American Sweetheart? and which that Puck’s restaurants actually have Michelin stars? upstream Traveler bring away a closer look. 

The rise of Wolfgang Puck 

Puck honed his craft in several of France’s ideal restaurants in the early 70s, simply as Nouvelle Cuisine was making that delicately-plated rise. With stints in ~ Maxim’s in Paris, the Hotel de Paris in Monaco, and also the three-Michelin-starred L’Oustau de Baumanière in Provence, Puck left France for the us in 1973 in ~ the age of 24. 

With high ambitions, the soon started to make a name for himself as the chef in ~ iconic West Hollywood hotspot, Ma Maison, which was owned by French restaurateur Patrick Terrail. Ma Maison ended up being a magnet because that the rich and also famous, drawn in by Puck’s gravitas and his avant-garde cook style. Without doubt Puck and Terrail are credited with transforming the Los Angeles dining scene, with the cook lauded as among the establishing pioneers that California Cuisine. Making use of farm-to-table, locally sourced Californian ingredient of the best quality, Puck produced fresh, beautifully-plated dishes affected by his French training, steady cementing California Cuisine’s ar on the map, wherein it remains today. 


Puck (center) pictured at Spago in the 1980s


Of course, Puck’s job didn’t finish at Ma Maison, and his stint at the eatery — which referred to as Marlon Brando, Fred Astaire and Stevie Wonder amongst its patrons— only served together a launchpad. 

The 80s to be transformative because that Puck and also saw him open up his an initial restaurant, the famed Spago by Wolfgang Puck on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip. It to be an immediate success amongst the glitterati and saw the chef lug on his power as among California Cuisine’s starting fathers, pushing the limits of the 80s food scene with dishes such together haute cooking pizzas topped with smoked salmon and also caviar and his own take on tuna sashimi, unheard of exterior of Japanese restaurants. 

Not content v the success of Spago, Puck opened fine-dining establishment Chinois on key in Santa Monica in 1983. Influenced by southern Californian’s Southeast oriental dining scene, Chinois on key saw Puck fuse eastern flavors with French method and Californian ingredients, presenting the people to Asian fusion cuisine.


From over there Puck’s well dining group skyrocketed in size. Spago las Vegas opened at the Caesars royal residence (now situated at The Bellagio) proclaiming a new kind of modern-day fine-dining eatery on the city’s well known Strip. Today, Puck has five restaurants in las Vegas alone consisting of the acclaimed reduced by Wolfgang Puck. 

There space now five Spago restaurants global with Puck happen his brand the California Cuisine to Istanbul, Maui and also Singapore. Spago top top the Sunset Strip relocated down the road to Beverly Hills in 1997 and rose to obtain two Michelin stars in 2008 and also 2009 but these to be subsequently lost (much to the shock that food critics) after the Michelin guide made a go back to Los Angeles after a decade-long hiatus. However, this hasn’t quit Puck’s loyal celebrity fanbase from keeping it as a regular haunt. 

Like Spago, CUT began life in Los Angeles, with Puck’s highly-elevated take it on a steakhouse opened its doors in the Beverly Wilshire, a 4 Seasons Hotel in 2006. A roaring cooking success story, Puck has taken CUT an international and now has branches across three continents: four in the US, two in the middle East, one in London and one in Singapore. Out of all of the chef’s eateries, that is cut that has gone on to attain and keep Michelin-star status, with cut in Beverly Hills and Singapore each awarded a desire Michelin star. So what have the right to diners expect?

CUT, Beverly Hills


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A sleek interior and also welcoming hospitality greet you in ~ the initial CUT. A contemporary and refined affair, this is not your common steakhouse, however, the atmosphere is relaxed and pre-pandemic the restaurant had actually a real buzz around it which is sure to return together lockdown eases. 

The menu contains exquisite cuts of the best beef native the US and Japan and also the highest quality shellfish and also seafood and a well-stocked alcohol list. Diners deserve to expect come sample Puck’s signature blend flare through versatile bowl gracing the menu including Maine diver scallops offered with a yuzu aioli, brioche toast and also Kaluga caviar, or the delectable grilled Sonoma lamb chops offered with a date and cucumber raita.

But that course, CUT’s main attraction is the steak. The Michelin overview recommends heading straight for the Japanese Wagyu indigenous the Miyazaki prefecture. Intend melt in the mouth flavors and also textures. And, Puck remains true come his farm-to-table ethos, serving top-of-the-range local develop to accompany his cuts. 

CUT, Singapore

CUT Singapore is located in the illustrious Marina bay Sands Hotel (which likewise hosts eateries by Gordon Ramsay, Justin Quek, Daniel Bould and also Tetsuya Wakuda) and is every inch as great as the Beverly Hills counterpart. 

Achieving Michelin-star standing in 2016, the modern-day eatery is adorned through mod commercial lighting, interlocutor celebrity portraits and also glass-walled alcohol cabinets showing off an exceptional collection. Upscale yet not stuffy, cut attracts a well-heeled crowd of locals and also tourists alike therefore a reservation is usually essential. 

Like that is American counterpart, the meat is the main attraction here and the menu features comprehensive list that the highest quality cut from Australia, Japan and also the US. Not one come mess with success, plenty of of the very same dishes uncovered in Beverly Hills room dished increase here, through Michelin giving praise come the steak and also the bone marrow flan through mushroom marmalade. You will additionally find one or 2 Asian-influenced appetizers on the food selection not uncovered in LA, such as the exquisitely enforcement Hokkaido scallop ‘Carpaccio’ through shaved myoga and wasabi-kosho ponzu.