If you measure the continental U.S. Indigenous its easternmost point, West Quoddy Head in Maine, come its westernmost point, allude Arena in California, it"s around 2,800 miles. The measurement excludes the state the Hawaii, which is situated in the Pacific Ocean, around 2,300 miles from the West shore of the continent U.S. Compared to various other nations, just Russia, Canada, and China room wider.

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The northernmost point of the continental U.S. Is Angle, Minnesota, follow me the Canadian border. The southernmost point is east Cape, Florida, i beg your pardon is located in Everglades nationwide Park. 

Northernmost and Southernmost Points 

Largest and Smallest States 

The U.S. Is separated into 50 states, as well as its capital, the ar of Columbia, or Washington, D.C. The smallest state is Rhode Island, which is located along the East coast in the new England region. It actions 1,545 square miles. The biggest state in the U.S. Is Alaska, which actions 663,268 square miles. Alaska is not linked to the continent U.S., however. In the contiguous U.S., Texas is the largest state in ~ 268,597 miles.

Largest and also Smallest Cities 

The U.S. Is home to countless cities scattered throughout the 50 states. Based upon land area, the four largest are in Alaska: Sitka (2,870 square miles) Juneau (2,702 square miles), Wrangell (2,541 square miles), and Anchorage (1,704 square miles). Jacksonville, Florida, is the fifth-largest at 747 square miles. The city of lost Springs, Wyoming, is believed to be the smallest city in the country, based upon land area, at 0.09 square miles.

Highest and Lowest point out

When it involves elevation, the highest point in the U.S. Is situated in Denali nationwide Park and Preserve in Alaska. The summit the Denali hill is 20,308 feet. The lowest allude in the U.S. Is in eastern California. It"s a place referred to as Badwater container within death Valley national Park. The elevation is -282 feet.

Total Area the the U.S. 

The U.S. Has a full area the 3,794,083 square miles and also is more than double the dimension of the european Union. That contains 3,537,436 square miles of land and 181,274 square miles of lakes, rivers, and also other bodies of water. It"s the third-largest country in the people behind Russia and also Canada. 

Size of the U.S. Coastline 

Another way to know the size of the U.S. Is to look at its coastline. Including Alaska and also Hawaii, the nation has 95,471 that coastline, including shoreline. Alaska has actually the largest coast at 33,904 miles, and also Florida comes in second with 8,436 miles. Louisiana, Maine, and also California round the end the list of says with the top 5 largest coastlines.

U.S. Borders

To the north, the continent U.S. Borders Canada, a line that is about 5,525 miles long. Come the south, the U.S. Shares a 1,954-mile border with Mexico.

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The country"s east and west coasts do no share a border with any other country. The Atlantic s sits to the east, and the Pacific s sits come the west.