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This week’s inquiry was it is registered by Mr. E. Smell*, that hails indigenous Cary, phibìc Carolina (*names have been changed):

Dear Why carry out male dogs have actually nipples? I just noticed mine dog Ralph has actually a bunch the them, and it captured me through surprise. What’s up v him having nips? give thanks to you!

Interesting, I have actually wondered the exact same thing around male people (among other questions I have for them). But prior to we delve any kind of further into the glory the the man-nip, we below at want to warning you that some of the pictures that follow may be considered NSFW (unless, the course, you job-related at, in which case, this is entirely normal…at least, ns hope all the human being who sit behind me feel the way). Let’s dive right into dog nipples!


Your dog’s nipples looked like this, right?

The fact is, most mammals have nipples. Also cats, pigs and also primates. Even Ralph. And also even you, Mr. Smell. (But I’m sure you currently knew around yours. And also if you didn’t, congratulations! You got ’em, and they come in a pretty set.)


An example of masculine dog nipples.

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However, it’s not uncommon for dog owners to failure a nipple for a tick — ~ all, pup parents space primed to worry whenever they see a dark bump on your dog. You have the right to do a quick at-home check by looking closely at just how the raised area is attached. If the whole bump is attached come the skin, it’s most likely a nipple, mole, polyp, or scab, not a tick. On the other hand paw, if just one finish of the bang is buried, it is most likely a tick. And, if your dog’s nipple appears to have legs, climate it’s most likely a tick, no a nipple through legs (although that would be cool). That course, you can always consult your vet if you’re uncertain.


A nipple (l) and also a tick (r). I couldn’t find a snapshot of a nipple through legs, yet you deserve to imagine.

The factor that male dogs own nipples traces all the means back to their time in the womb. Even if it is a dog becomes a male or a female, every embryos begin as androgynous, so come speak. Nipples develop during the beginning stages in utero, before gender is determined.

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Once gender is solidified, reproductive offal grow depending upon the sex of the embryo, yet those nipples are currently in tow. (I guess nipples do me rhyme?)


A photo of a dog embryo, just a couple of days old. Ns can’t watch the nipples yet, yet they’re coming. Oh, they’re coming.